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Jeff Shattler would love for the Shattler Lacrosse Academy to develop the next great First Nations talent through its Aboriginal Program.
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Shattler Lacrosse Academy Could Develop Next Great First Nations Talent

The Shattler Lacrosse Academy offers a whole host of programs, but the most unique is the Aboriginal Program.

Jeff Shattler, the man behind the Shattler Lacrosse Academy, has played in the NLL for more than a decade and a half, won league MVP once and the NLL Cup twice. The Toronto native comes from a mix of Ojibwa and Inuit heritages and has been a mainstay of the Iroquois Nationals program for years.

Shattler is proud of his roots and the game’s history among his people. He wants to spread that knowledge and appreciation for lacrosse to everyone, but it’s especially important for fellow First Nations people to know its story.

That’s why he made it a point to start an aboriginal program within his academy.

“I want our youth to know and understand what the game means to our people,” Shattler said. “It’s a part of our story and way of life. Not just to play for ourselves, but for the people around us and for the creator’s enjoyment.”

Shattler is racked up huge numbers in the NLL, with 250 games played and 923 points to his name so far. With 363 goals, he is the all-time leading scorer among aboriginal players in box lacrosse.

It won’t stay like that forever, and Shattler knows it. Records are meant to be broken, and while it’s nice to have the recognition now, there is a temporary status to the mark.

The Shattler Lacrosse Academy is based out off Saskatchewan, where Shattler and his family live and where he plays professionally for the Rush. There are 74 First Nation FSIN groups in the province, he Shattler values providing children in every one with an opportunity in lacrosse.

Someone will surpass him someday, and Shattler aims for it to be one of his own underlings.

“I couldn’t be prouder is one of my students surpassed me,” he explained. “It would just mean they set a goal and followed through with it. I try to tell my athletes to set goals on and off the floor.

“I’d be a proud coach.”

To learn more about the Shattler Lacrosse Academy’s Aboriginal Program, go here. More information on the academy as a whole is available here.