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Show LAS Your Old School: Making Wooden Lacrosse Sticks

Back in the day, everyone who played lacrosse used a wooden stick. There simply weren’t any other options out there. Today, the wooden stick is more of a showpiece or gift, and it is a rare sight to catch one out on a field, even during laid back Summer lacrosse games. There are some holdouts, and guys who decide to go Old School all the time (CW is thinking about it!) once they get a little older, but for the most part, the wooden stick is still disappearing quickly, and we think that is a shame.

Above, you can hear Alf Jacques, the world famous Onondaga stick maker, provide some insight into the tradition. I can only imagine the wealth of knowledge Jacques possesses. I know a couple of people, both pros and Joes, who have met Alf Jacques, and all of them beam about the opportunity and experience.

For a more detailed look into the actual process revolving around how the sticks are made, check out the longer video below, which basically lays out each step in creating a stick.

The video above shows a Mohawk stick being created, and that means the man in the video is most likely Mitchell Brothers. Wooden Mohawk Sticks can be purchased in a couple of places online, but we always like to go right to the source when we order ours. There is no web store, just a phone number. It’s old school, and if you can call from a rotary phone, it’s the perfect way to order a new woody.

A wooden lacrosse stick gives you a connection to the game like no other stick can. The solid weight, the warmth of the wood, the one piece construction, the feel of the stick as the ball hits the traditional pocket… it all brings you back to a place you’ve never before, but that somehow feels like home.

What do you think about an Old School product in The Lacrosse Shop? If you could see anything added in there, what would it be?