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Shrewsbury Youth Lacrosse (MBYLL)

Shrewsbury Youth Lacrosse is a member of the Massachusetts Bay Youth Lacrosse League (MBYLL). Shrewsbury — founded in 2001 — puts the fun in fundamentals.

shrewsbury youth lacrosse shrewsbury massachusetts mbyll

Framingham Youth Lacrosse (MBYLL)


  • Framingham, Massachusetts


  • Matt Hull
  • Don Beal

Why You Should Register:

  • Shrewsbury Youth Lacrosse is a fun alternative to the traditional — and somewhat slower — spring sports. Generally, school-age boys have a lot of energy and short attention spans. Lacrosse is an ideal sport for them. Each practice they will exert themselves physically, and we keep the practice moving with little downtime, which means little boredom. Parents enjoy our program because we are engaging their boys in physical and mental exercises each practice. Parents really love that lacrosse games are only 48 minutes long. This allows for more convenient scheduling of their days and weekends. We put the FUN in fundamentals.

Program Size:

  • 2-10 teams

Contact Information

Contact: Kevin Nemsick


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