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The Simpsons Nailed It With Gait Brothers Showcase

Lacrosse is making it to the mainstream as an established American game. I couldn’t have been more excited to see Syracuse rock star alumni Paul and Gary Gait in one of their recent episodes. Considering The Simpsons accurately predicted the outcome of this election, I’d say the show is relevant.

The Simpsons Lacrosse episodeIt seems a little bizarre to position lacrosse within an adult cartoon but when that cartoon garners 31 Primetime Emmy Awards, has its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and gets named the greatest television show of the 90’s – we’ll take all the publicity the game can get.

I’m inspired that The Simpsons creator Matt Groening got it so right by picking these two to showcase. In a day and age where athletes tend to be prematurely glorified it was nice to see Matt reach back to represent the true pioneers of today’s game.

The Gait Brothers had Canadian edge and they were competitors.  They dominated. They electrified. They ran past your fastest defender, ran over your toughest athlete and threw behind the back passes on the money.  The fact that there are TWO of them just doubles the greatness.

Their daring impact on lacrosse has contributed to where the game is today. And now, no matter where they go they’ll have the Homer field advantage.

The Gait BrothersCP

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