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social distancing lacrosse style

Social Distancing, Lacrosse-Style

Lacrosse teams, or at least buddies, from all over the US are getting creative when it comes social distancing and improving their stick skills…

Take Chase Stephens and Peter Alessi, juniors at Scranton Prep in Honesdale, PA for example:

This story started with a :10 second video shot by Richelle Stephens from Honesdale and sent into Newswatch 16 on her son Chase and his friend Peter Alessi taking social distancing while working on lacrosse stick handling to a new level.

full story

The Spencerport Rangers girls lacrosse team:

full story

And the Chatham Youth Lacrosse team:

The players can’t get together because of the Coronavirus pandemic, but the members of BBL 2025 (Building Blocks Lacrosse) found a way to team up to make an uplifting video.

full story

In the wake of the Global Pandemic, sports teams around the world have had to stop team practices, and our club lacrosse season was cut short as soon as it started. We won’t let this stop us. We are one team and will keep practicing and playing on our own until we can be together again. We hope this inspires teams around the world to “come together” virtually, keep your team going and have some fun. Until we play again…Stay united.

Are you doing something creative to keep your skills up and bring your team together right now? We want to hear about it! Drop us a line so we can help tell your story.

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