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South African Lacrosse Project Makes a Call For Coaches!

In 2007, the South African Lacrosse Project brought the sport of lacrosse to kids in Vaalwater, South Africa. This year marks the 10th year that a camp in ran in the area and it will hopefully continue for many more years to come. To continue the dream, they are currently looking to fill 10 male and 8 female coaching positions.

The Project is primarily looking for high school and college lacrosse players to help out on the mission by going on the trip. Full time coaches can also sign up to help out and be a part of it as well. Think of it as a great community service trip for any student looking for something memorable to do over the summer..

Camp Specifics

The agenda for the trip is to arrive in South Africa on July 1st and the camp begins on July 4th, the following Monday. The camp continues for the entirety of the week and begins with an opening ceremony. On the first day everything starts with the very basics in case there are any newcomers.

Eventually the camps gets up to full teams competing and on Friday it is a tournament between teams within the camp. 120 kids attend the camp with about an even split of boys and girls all ages 8-18. Once camp wraps up, on Saturday there is an expo for the town and about 500 kids attend.

South African Lacrosse Project
Photo Credit: South African Lacrosse Project

Don’t worry though, you won’t just spend your entire time coaching. There are other activities planned on the trip as well. There is a local hike with a tour guide and during the hike they’ll identify all the native types of plants are; and how they’re used in traditional medicines.

You will also take part in an elephant backed safari, a bush walk, and zip lining. All of these sound like an excellent experience to me! Plus you can tie it in with lacrosse and you have a complete trip!

South African Lacrosse Project
Photo Credit: South African Lacrosse Project

Something that you will also take part in is seeing how some children’s lives are affected by HIV and how their siblings deal with it as well.

You also get to see non-profit organizations in full swing like the Lacrosse Project and how they are impacting others lives, especially children’s. The entire group leaves South Africa on July 12th and returns home. The cost for the trip is $2000 plus airfare, this covers everything from meals to beds and everything else except souvenirs.

If you’re interested in taking part, you can check out their Facebook page or email Kip Hart at: