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Spotted: Lacrosse Stick on Seinfeld

Editor’s note: Welcome to the second installment of “Spotted”, a new series we’re trying out. With your help, we hope to shine a light on lacrosse spotted in unexpected places. If you find any aspect of lacrosse in an unexpected place and would like to share it, take a quick photo or video and email it to

Lacrosse on Seinfeld

Last week we asked you to let us know when you spotted lacrosse in an unexpected place. And it didn’t take long for someone to rise to the occasion!

Mr. Brennen Green of Portland, Oregon shot us this note on Twitter:

We did some research around this claim and it turns out Brennen wasn’t just pulling our leg. A good looking lacrosse stick does indeed make an appearance on Seinfeld Episode 1 of Season 9, “The Butter Shave”, which originally aired on September 25, 1997. That was more than a decade ago!

On a side note, 2 years ago LAS founder Jeff Brunelle was sitting in a diner in Columbus Circle in NYC with Maverik Lacrosse founder John Gagliardi and Maverik marketing directer Mike Chepucavage. At the booth next to them sat Jerry Seinfeld having lunch with a friend. According to Jeff, “Jerry looked like a lacrosse fan to me.”

Here’s the episode summary from

Kramer discovers that butter is far superior to any shaving cream, but things go too far when he starts putting it on his body. George takes advantage when his new employer thinks he’s handicapped. Jerry is annoyed when Kenny Bania is experiencing success by always following him. Meanwhile, Elaine has a nightmare of a return trip from a European vacation with David Puddy.

According to the Fan Episode Reviews, it was a pretty good episode. So we’ve got that going for us, lacrosse community. Drop us a line in the comments section if you’ve seen this episode, or send us a screen grab! We can’t seem to uncover our Season 9 boxed set.

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Did you spot lacrosse somewhere unexpected? Email your spottings to!