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Stat Freaks: NCAA Division I Week 4

syracuse orange weekly watch guide stat freaksThis was a HUGE week for our NCAA Division I Stat Freaks. 79 total names total made our Stat Freaks list, and the majority were also first time appearances. Once again, goalies were relatively lacking, but the other group unusually thin is the faceoff contingent. They were easily offset by the offense, though. This was just a week for points, I guess. Now, onto the list!

Offense: The Cutoff here is a combined 7 goals and/or assists

Matt Moore – Virginia: 3G, 4A, 9 Shots vs. High Point
Kevin Mack – Michigan: 3G, 4A, 10 Shots vs. Drexel
Alex Buckanavage – Michigan: 4G, 3A, 4 Shots vs. Drexel
Reid Bowering – Drexel: 7G, 9 Shots vs. Michigan
Teddy Hatfield – Richmond: 3G, 5A, 7 Shots vs. UMBC
Chris Gray – Boston U.: 5G, 4A, 11 Shots vs. Sacred Heart
Kevin Kodzis – Holy Cross: 5G, 2A, 12 Shots vs. UMass Lowell
Jeff Teat – Cornell: 6G, 2A, 10 Shots vs. Hobart
Conor Walters – Lafayette: 2G, 5A, 6 Shots vs. Binghamton
Logan Wisnauskas – Maryland: 3G, 5A, 9 Shots vs. Navy
Jack Myers – Ohio St.: 7G, 1A, 8 Shots vs. Bucknell
Will Yorke – Bucknell: 6G, 1A, 11 Shots vs. Ohio St.
Jackson Morrill – Yale: 2G, 5A, 4 Shots vs. Penn St.
Grant Ament – Penn St.: 2G, 7A, 5 Shots vs. Yale
Brendan Sunday – Towson: 4G, 5A, 14 Shots vs. Georgetown
Ryan Perouty – VMI: 2G, 6A, 15 Shots vs. NJIT
Matt Grillo – Providence: 3G, 4A, 6 Shots vs. Saint Joseph’s
Matt Schmidt – Robert Morris: 5G, 2A, 12 Shots vs. Bellarmine
Dylan Beckwith – Fairfield: 2G, 5A, 7 Shots vs. Sacred Heart
Ethan Walker – Denver: 5G, 2A, 7 Shots vs. Cleveland St.
Pat Spencer – Loyola Maryland: 5G, 2A, 9 Shots vs. Rutgers

Defense:  For here, you need 8 GBs, CTs, and/or points

Jared Conners – Virginia: 3GB, 5CT vs. High Point
Logan Greco – Virginia: 5GB, 3CT vs. High Point
Jack Cook – Richmond: 5GB, 3CT vs. UMBC
Colin Kasner – UMBC: 5GB, 4CT vs. Richmond
Miles Silva – Army West Point: 7GB, 1CT, 3G vs. Marist
Tom Rigney – Army West Point: 9GB, 2CT vs. Marist
James Sarrocco – Marist: 4GB, 4CT vs. Army West Point
Jake MacGregor – Marist: 8GB, vs. Army West Point
Joseph Cipoletti – Sacred Heart: 6GB, 3CT, 1A vs. Boston U.
Eric Flynn – UMass Lowell: 6GB, 3CT vs. Holy Cross
Chris Conlin – Holy Cross: 5GB, 4CT vs. UMass Lowell
Matt Farrell – Holy Cross: 6GB, 6CT vs. UMass Lowell
Brandon Salvatore – Cornell: 7GB, 1CT vs. Hobart
Pat Smyth – St. John’s (NY): 6GB, 2CT vs. High Point
Tim Kiel – St. John’s (NY): 5GB, 5CT vs. High Point
George Baughan – Princeton: 7GB, 1CT vs. Virginia
Christopher Sabia – Penn St.: 5GB, 3CT vs. Yale
Danny Cassidy – Stony Brook: 5GB, 3CT, 1A vs. Brown
Gibson Smith – Georgetown: 6GB, 2CT vs. Towson
Kyle Walsh – VMI: 5GB, 4CT, 1G vs. NJIT
John Schmank – VMI: 3GB, 5CT vs. NJIT
John Tachon – NJIT: 7GB, 2CT vs. VMI
TJ Comizio – Villanova: 7GB, 2CT vs. Hofstra
Jack Pezzulla – North Carolina: 7GB, 1CT vs. Johns Hopkins
Kelson Borisenko – Manhattan: 5GB, 3CT vs. St. Bonaventure
Brandon Jones – Air Force: 7GB, 2CT vs. Cleveland St.
Joseph Cipoletti – Sacred Heart: 7GB, 3CT, 1G vs. Fairfield
Sean Quinn – Drexel: 5GB, 3CT vs. Albany (NY)
Matt Perla – Albany (NY): 5GB, 3CT vs. Drexel
Dylan Gaines – Denver: 4GB, 5CT vs. Cleveland St.
Arden Cohen – Notre Dame: 8GB, 1CT vs. Richmond
Tommy Heidt – Michigan: 7GB, 1CT vs. Jacksonville
Jake Fiske – Bryant: 4GB, 4CT vs. Dartmouth

Faceoffs: Greater than 70%, at least 10 attempts

Peyton Smith – Marist: 14/18, 10 GB vs. Army West Point
Sean Christman – Boston U.: 19/23, 13 GB vs. Sacred Heart
Brett Boos – Denver: 20/23, 10 GB vs. Utah
Davis Sampere – High Point: 18/23, 11 GB, 1G vs. St. John’s (NY)
Sam Stephan – Mount St. Mary’s: 21/27, 18 GB, 1G vs. UMBC
Michael Giaquinto – Vermont: 14/19, 8 GB vs. Quinnipiac
Justin Inacio – Ohio St.: 20/27, 13 GB vs. Bucknell
TD Ierlan – Yale: 25/31, 22 GB, 1G vs. Penn St.
Alex Woodall – Towson: 19/23, 13 GB, 1G vs. Georgetown
Dan Fisher – Villanova: 8/11, 1 GB vs. Hofstra
Ian Weinberg – Monmouth: 12/16, 6 GB vs. Delaware
Trent Harper – Air Force: 16/22, 5 GB vs. Cleveland St.
Frankie Labetti – Fairfield: 21/26, 15 GB vs. Sacred Heart
Jimmeh Koita – Drexel: 19/27, 10 GB vs. Albany (NY)
Jakob Phaup – Syracuse: 15/18, 11 GB vs. Army West Point
Danny Tesler – Cleveland St.: 18/25, 9 GB vs. Denver

Goalies:  Greater than 70%

Blake Goodman – Richmond: 14/19 Saves, 1GB vs. UMBC
AJ Barretto – Army West Point: 10/14 Saves, 1GB, 1CT vs. Marist
Alex Ready – Denver: 10/14 Saves, 1GB, 1CT vs. Utah
Tate Boyce – Providence: 27/32 Saves, 2GB vs. Saint Joseph’s
Kevin Beimfohr – Bryant: 14/19 Saves, 3GB vs. Dartmouth
Daniel Hincks – Dartmouth: 15/21 Saves, 2GB vs. Bryant
Matt Deluca – Delaware: 13/17 Saves, 3GB vs. Monmouth
Jacob Stover – Loyola Maryland: 18/25 Saves, 4GB, 1CT vs. Rutgers
Liam Donnelly – Utah: 14/19 Saves, 4GB vs. Air Force

Stat Freaks of the Week for Week 4

stat freaks


If you don’t care about the opponent, and only look at pure points totals, BU’s Chris Gray tallying five goals and four assists with a strong shooting percentage is excellent. Bringing in the opponent as a factor, Towson’s Brendan Sunday matching Gray’s total against Georgetown is better. But when you look at pure volume and opponent? You have to go Grant Ament against Yale. Two goals and seven assists with only three missed shots is pretty incredible in a game like that.


Again, looking only at volume, Holy Cross’ Matt Farrell takes the cake going six ground balls and six caused turnovers, which was the highest total of the weekend. But other factors involved, I need to call out Jack Pezzulla of UNC for his seven ground balls against Hopkins in the muddiest of mud games that rarely happen these days. He had to work for those! However, my defensive honor for the Stat Freak of the Week goes to Tim Kiel of St. John’s going five ground balls and five caused turnovers in the upset win over High Point.


No perfect games here, and no multi-point games either. There were some great losing performances like Jimmeh Koita of Drexel and Peyton Smith of Marist. But, there were some clutch performances that helped seal the victory for their teams. The ones in this category that jump out at me are Jakob Phaup of  Syracuse, Justin Inacio of Ohio State, and Alex Woodall of Towson. But the most clutch of the weekend is our old standby TD Ierlan at Yale. He had himself a game when it really mattered, and earned his Stat Freak performance.


Liam Donnelly from Utah, take yourself a bow! I love seeing the Utes make the list already and he’s not even the first one! But, also props to Army’s AJ Barretto who made the list for his midweek game, and ALMOST made it as a losing goalie against Syracuse. That’s a keeper. Also, shout out to Loyola’s Jacob Stover for his GBs ad caused turnover against Rutgers. But, the best goalie of the week?

Overall Stat Freak of the Week

It has to be Tate Boyce. It has to be him. 27 saves?! When you start getting into a save volume that high, the percentage rarely follows. Nice effort between the pipes!

Last, but not least, we can start tabulating our season appearances. First up, is the number of times an individual has been on the list:

Name – School #
Colby Kneese – Penn St. 3
Grant Ament – Penn St. 3
Pat Spencer – Loyola Maryland 3
Joseph Cipoletti – Sacred Heart 3

There are another 17 players at two appearances on our Stat Freaks list, but I try to keep the list around 10 total names. Hopefully that gets pared down soon.

Now, which schools are sending the most players?

Team Freaks
Penn St. 10
Sacred Heart 7
Denver 6
Army West Point 5
Towson 5
Holy Cross 5
Lehigh 5
Princeton 5
Boston U. 5
Loyola Maryland 5

Now, the bad list. Who is allowing the most Stat Freaks against them?

Team Allowed
Army West Point 8
Monmouth 6
Jacksonville 6
Sacred Heart 5
Cleveland St. 5
High Point 5
Albany (NY) 5
Johns Hopkins 5

The only one here that’s making me wince a little is Albany. With Cornell on deck this week that has potential to get ugly. Hopkins vs. Princeton could be the same.