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Stick Trick Saturday Womens' Edition
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Stick Trick Saturday – Women’s Edition

Thanks for checking out a fresh episode of Stick Trick Saturday! Season 3 kicked off last week with Gabriel Sgambettera’s trick he called The Roundabout! This week is going to be less of a lesson and more of a montage of some of the coolest tricks we’ve ever seen, with a WOMEN’S LACROSSE STICK!

Yep, you heard me! This week is all about women’s lacrosse because we’ve had female contestants in our stick tricks competitions before, but we’ve never see anyone bust out moves like these with a women’s stick! Our friends over at Gameday Lacrosse sent over a ton of clips of themselves busting out moves at camp, the practice field and even the basement for us to share while they help us put together some instructional episodes using women’s sticks!

Let me tell you straight up, if you want softer hands for catching passes, landing epic stalls or busting out crazy stick tricks, you MUST start using a women’s lacrosse stick. Am I crazy? Probably. But here’s a few reasons why:

  • Women’s heads have a way thinner sidewall.
  • With a woman’s stick it’s way harder to catch a stall.
  • It takes more concentration to catch with a woman’s stick.
  • It will develop soft hands quicker than a leather glove full of lotion.
  • Guys, you will look 1,000x cooler impressing ladies with their own sticks.
  • Ladies, you will blow other girls’ minds with your new moves.

Good enough reasons, right?! Now get to know today’s star…

Caitlin Jackson began her career by leading Norwell High School to their first ever MIAA State Championship. Jackson went on to win four straight Division I NCAA National Championships with Northwestern University. Up graduating, Jackson has been an assistant and consultant with the UConn, Iona College, and Columbia. She is the Owner and Director of Gameday Lacrosse, and is currently assisting with lacrosse operations at the UPenn.

Episode 1: Women’s Edition – Gameday Lacrosse



Trick: Women’s Edition
Host: Caitlin Jackson – Gameday Lacrosse
Episode: Season 3, Episode 2



Location: New York City, New York, USA
Claim to fame: 4x National Champion; Owner of Gameday Lacrosse


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To submit your own episode of Stick Trick Saturday to be featured in Season 3, we ask for you to fill out a couple of simple questions and we will reach out with further instructions!

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