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Stick Trick Saturday Combo Contest - FINAL FOUR

Stick Trick Saturday Combo Contest – FINAL FOUR

The Final Four has been finalized for the 2015 Stick Trick Saturday Combo Contest. Dom Guarino, Rebecca Kinsley, Gabriel Sgambettera and Cam Shelley are in!

After counting more votes than have ever been tallied before, we are ready to announce the Final Four of the Stick Trick Saturday Combo Contest!

**Drum roll**

Rebecca Kinsley, Dom Guarino, Cam Shelley and Gabriel Sgambettera… you’re one step closer to the combo crown!

The Final 4

Stick Trick Saturday Combo Contest - FINAL FOUR

The Final 4 are now required to submit a brand-new combo for the third round of playoffs! Video for this round will be a bit longer, as we all want to see what these 4 tricksters have in the arsenal.

Since this is the cream of the crop, we are expecting each video to feature between 30-90 seconds of stick trick madness! Get ready for something great!

Let’s look at our pairing for Rd. 3 of the Playoffs!

  • Rebecca Kinsley vs Dom Guarino
  • Gabriel Sgambettera vs Cam Shelley

Voting begins: Saturday, August 1st, 9 a.m. ET

Prizes include (but aren’t limited to):

Ghost Shaft from Wolf Athletics, MLL Player Autographs, Lacrosse All Stars apparel, stringing supplies and more!

Important note: The Final 4 earned an extra bonus point in the overall Stick Trick Saturday competition. Bonus points do not affect the Combo Competition.

Each of the Final 4 will be contacted via email with further instructions for the contest.

Good luck!

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