Stick Trick Saturday Combo Contest - FINAL FOUR
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Stick Trick Saturday Combo Contest – FINAL FOUR

After counting more votes than have ever been tallied before, we are ready to announce the Final Four of the Stick Trick Saturday Combo Contest!

**Drum roll**

Rebecca Kinsley, Dom Guarino, Cam Shelley and Gabriel Sgambettera… you’re one step closer to the combo crown!

The Final 4

Stick Trick Saturday Combo Contest - FINAL FOUR

The Final 4 are now required to submit a brand-new combo for the third round of playoffs! Video for this round will be a bit longer, as we all want to see what these 4 tricksters have in the arsenal.

Since this is the cream of the crop, we are expecting each video to feature between 30-90 seconds of stick trick madness! Get ready for something great!

Let’s look at our pairing for Rd. 3 of the Playoffs!

  • Rebecca Kinsley vs Dom Guarino
  • Gabriel Sgambettera vs Cam Shelley

Voting begins: Saturday, August 1st, 9 a.m. ET

Prizes include (but aren’t limited to):

Ghost Shaft from Wolf Athletics, MLL Player Autographs, Lacrosse All Stars apparel, stringing supplies and more!

Important note: The Final 4 earned an extra bonus point in the overall Stick Trick Saturday competition. Bonus points do not affect the Combo Competition.

Each of the Final 4 will be contacted via email with further instructions for the contest.

Good luck!