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Stick Trick Saturday
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Stick Trick Saturday: Shaft Taps

Welcome back to SEASON 2 of Stick Trick Saturday! By now I hope you’ve had a chance to master The Fist Bump. Speaking of mastery, shout out to LAS member 21saiah for showing us what he’s got. 21saiah will receive an LAS Prize Pack featuring some of today’s freshest gear.

Don’t worry guys, there will be more chances to win. Check out the Stick Trick Challenge at the end of this post!

Today’s episode was designed to be a bit more “educational” than last week’s. At LAS, we’re big believers that repetitions in creativity can significantly improve stick skills. The word “creativity” does not mean complicated, mind you. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with making the simplest of stick tricks look cool!

Shaft Taps are super simple, and there are literally hundreds of different maneuvers you can choose to do. Focus on repetitions to beef up your hand-eye coordination and improve reaction time. Do twenty minutes of Shaft Taps once a week, and you’ll be able to pull off Stick Trick Combos with seamless transitions in no time.

In this episode, I share a few of my favorite Shaft Taps that have helped me take my stick tricks to the next level.  these simple moves and take your tricks to the next level.

Disclaimer: I’m sure you’re familiar with the phrase “practice makes permanent,” right? When trying to master a stick trick, it’s important to be realistic about the expectations you set for yourself. Let the ball drop on the ground as many times as it takes. It make take you a hundred, or even a thousand, attempts before you can land these Shaft Taps with ease, and let me be the first to tell you — there’s nothing wrong with that.

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Now it’s time for this week’s Stick Trick Challenge: Upload a video clip of YOU landing each of these Shaft Taps in the comments section below (you must sign-up or sign-in to comment), and we’ll hit you with an LAS Prize Pack. The deadline to enter is next Saturday, when the next episode goes live!

Enjoy this week’s episode? Use the buttons below to tell your lacrosse-loving friends! Sharing your passion for stick tricks is a great way to help grow the game.