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Stringing like Sam Bradman


Sam Bradman has quickly become one of lacrosse’s biggest stars.  After wrapping up a fantastic college career at Salisbury, including two consecutive national titles and over 300 career points as a midfielder, Bradman joined the LXMPro where he has been making men look like boys and doing things with his stick many players didn’t even know were possible.

Bradman can flat out score, and while we all know a good player can play with just about any stick, he must be doing something special with his stringing.  Fortunately for us, STX just wrapped up a three part stringing series in which Bradman teaches viewers how to lace up a gamer like his.  Check out the videos below of Bradman stringing up the STX Stallion.

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Andrew Ratzke

An MCLA alum and recent Portlandia transplant, Ratzke spends most of his time playing and coaching throughout Oregon. When he isn't on the field he's searching the web for the latest and greatest in lacrosse and lifestyle gear to keep you and your style game up to date.

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