LaxCon Lacrosse Head Dyed by Stylin Strings
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Making of Stylin Strings’ 2015 Lacrosse Convention Stick

Let me tell you, this head was the JAM at LaxCon this past weekend. It sat front and center at Stylin Strings’ killer display and kids couldn’t help but to put their dirty little paws all over it. But hey, can you blame them?

Tyler from SS finished up this masterpiece with a killer reinforced traditional variant and the LaxAllStars crew is pretty bummed that we aren’t allowed to win this one! From the LaxAllStars logo in the scoop, to paying homage to keynote speaker Rorke Denver, to showing love for Baltimore, RIT Dye, ECD, Jimalax and Throne of String, the Stylin Strings crew blew this one out of the water.

Interested in winning this 2015 #Laxcon head custom dyed by Stylin Strings Lacrosse Custom Stringing, Dyeing, Pockets & Dyes using Rit Dye? Enter the contest before Sunday night!

Be sure to stay up to date on all of Stylin Strings incredible work by following them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. If you’re ready for a custom dye or pocket of your own, check out the Stylin Strings website for more ideas and to inquire about a custom wand to add to your collection!

As always, make sure you subscribe to their Youtube channel as well for more crazy awesome videos like the one above!