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Syracuse Stingers T-Shirt Throwback - LIMITED TIME ONLY

Syracuse Stingers T-Shirt Throwback – SOLD OUT


Welcome to the Shirt of the Month ROUND TWO! Through our partnership with Justin Skaggs and the Wood Lacrosse Sticks crew we dropped and sold out of our first shirt honoring the Montréal Québécois.

Before there was the National Lacrosse League as we know it today, there was an earlier NLL that only lasted two years, 1974 and 1975, paving the way for professional indoor lacrosse, despite not actually being affiliated with the current NLL. Need to know more? We took a deep dive into the history of the organization to keep the legacy alive.

While tumbling through history, Justin Skaggs found a simple and clean logo used by the Syracuse Stingers at the time and it made for a great print. Not keeping the goods to himself, Skaggs is making 30 shirts for the world to get hands on.


All sales close when the 30 SHIRTS are gone with NO REPRINTS! You miss it now, you miss it forever!

The original NLL is different from today’s pro league and when it was founded in 1974, the league featured six teams.

– Rochester Griffins
Montreal Quebecois
– Boston Bolts
– Syracuse Stingers
– Philadelphia Wings
– Maryland Arrows

Who were the Syracuse Stingers?

Only lasting one season of play in the original NLL, the Syracuse Stingers had an exciting start in 1974 only to take a bumpy ride to a rough ending. Excitement around the Stingers instantly surged after the league’s initial player draft, selecting one of the most electrifying rosters at the time, featuring all-time legends like Gaylord Powless, Johnny Mouradian, Terry Sanderson, Travis Cook, Bob “Buff” McCready and the greatest living lacrosse stick maker Alf Jacques.

Learn more about the Syracuse Stingers short-lived history.


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