PLL Free Agency: Expiring 2022 Contracts


With the PLL season sadly over until the sixes tournament in January, it’s time to focus on free agency. We do not know when exactly the PLL free agency period will open up, but we do know (at this moment) which players will be hitting the market. Since this is the PLL’s first true free […]

Have the Archers Run Out of Time?


The Archers have been considered one of the league’s top teams for the last three seasons, butthey have failed to find postseason success. With a lot of their key players getting older andmost of their key players entering free agency this offseason, yesterday’s loss against the Chaos may have been the last chance for this […]

2022 PLL Semifinals Preview: Quint Kessenich

pll semifinals

The Sunday PLL Semifinals storylines are clear. The Archers (7-4) have lost to Chaos (3-8) in each of their last two playoff semifinals. Is the third time a charm? Or do the Chaos continue to show their mastery of the post season? Meanwhile the Waterdogs (6-5) are the only team to beat Whipsnakes (9-1) this […]

How Each Team Can Win the 2022 PLL Championship

2022 PLL Championship

Lacrosse fans rejoice, it is playoff season for the 2022 PLL Championship. Last season we saw the sixth seeded Chaos ride momentum all the way through the playoffs to an all-time championship celebration. The previous two years Whipsnakes reigned supreme. Throughout PLL history only three teams have made the title game, Chaos, Redwoods, and Whipsnakes. […]

ESPN Announcers Takes on the PLL Quarterfinals


The PLL Quarterfinals are this weekend at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA. With only seven teams remaining, at this point it is win or go home. The Whipsnakes get a bye week due to securing the No.1 seed. Tickets to the PLL Quarterfinals, Semifinals, and Finals can be found at the link HERE. I spoke […]

PLL Playoffs Push: Featuring Quint Kessenich, Paul Carcaterra, and Chris Cotter

paul carcaterra

Summer weather threw a sky whammy at pro lacrosse this past weekend. The PLL was in Denver with a Friday night matchup between the Cannons and Redwoods that was televised on ESPN with Chris Cotter and Paul Carcaterra on the mic. The PLL playoffs are right around the corner with only two more weeks of regular […]

Ranking the 2022 PLL Throwback Jerseys

pll throwback jerseys

Fans have asked for one thing and one thing only from the PLL since the league was announced in 2018. “Can we please have numbers on the front of the jerseys?” Paul Rabil and his PLL executive committee continued to turn a blind eye to the fans request for nearly four years, that was until […]

2022 PLL Rookie of the Year Watchlist


Year in and year out, we see rookies enter the league who play like seasoned veterans. The inaugural season it was the wonder kids for the Redwoods, Timmy Troutner and Ryder Garnsey. In 2020 we saw the first two picks Grant Ament and Bryan Costabile ascend quickly through the league. Who can forget the breakout […]

Archers: 2022 PLL Video Game Ratings

Archers PLL

It has been 1,558 days since the release of the last true lacrosse video game (Casey Powell Lacrosse 18). While that game certainly had its flaws, it was nice to pick up a controller and play a lacrosse video game. Let’s take a minute and imagine a new PLL focused video game has released in the […]

The Secret Behind Will Manny’s Sensational Season Thus Far

will manny

With seven All-Star selections in ten seasons, it’s fair to say that Will Manny has had no issues with consistency throughout his professional career. In fact, one look at his career numbers tells you all that you need to know. Since bursting onto the scene in 2013, Manny has amassed 259 goals along with 403 […]

Four PLL Stats That Tell The Truth

PLL Stats

The stat gurus are back again with an update on some telling PLL stats through week two. Is your favorite player doing as well as you thought? These stats tell the truth. PLL Stats: By The Numbers Goals Added A shooting analytic that uses the average percentage of possession retainment for off cage shots and […]


PLL Week 2

Week 1 one of the PLL didn’t disappoint and we have a feeling that week 2 will be even better. Ryan breaks down each matchup ahead of this weekends games. THINGS ARE HEATING UP IN ATLANTA – PLL WEEK 2 PREVIEW Friday June 11th 7pm ET – Peacock Chaos vs. Waterdogs This is an interesting […]