Deadspin Loves Lacrosse “Trend” Spotting

The notion that the author, Dave McKenna, puts out there is summed up thusly:

There is a new trend amongst private school parents to hold their kids back a grade for sports, especially lacrosse, in the DC metro area. This means rich lacrosse parents are holding their kids back solely for sports. It’s cheating and it’s not fair.

This is incredibly lazy reporting and storytelling.

Hot Pot Of Lax: The MLL Playoff Picture

The Hot Pot is back with an update on the MLL standings, great news and links and the Lacrosse Video Of The Week is from the U19 Iroquois Nationals in Finland!

Open Letter to Deadspin

Deadspin has posted a poorly researched, somewhat racist and classist rant against lacrosse players, and while we said we weren’t going to sensationalize the recent Virginia tragedy, we just can’t let this one go without a response.

Afternoon Delight

It’s one of those days. Good news is on the horizon. Get yourself some afternoon delight.

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