Flip Naumburg, Rest In Peace

Flip Naumburg Deep Pockets

Flip Naumburg passed away over the weekend, and while he leaves behind an amazing legacy in the game of lacrosse, the most important things he did in life happened off the field, when the games were over. While I never played for the man, he still treated me like family, because that’s what Flip was all about.

“Flip” – A Lacrosse Movie

Flip naumburg_movie_lacrosse

“Flip” is a video project that Epoch Lacrosse and Lacrosse All Stars undertook together with one goal in mind: to showcase a truly special and intriguing man within our community.

Tie Up Tuesday: Rock-it Pocket

Tie Up Tuesday: Rock-it Pocket

Check out this masterpiece created by the mastermind behind Rock-it Pocket and the same genius behind the development of The Hawk, Mr. Flip Naumberg.

Lacrosse Patents: Offset Heads & Waxed Mesh


Connor Wilson is bringing up the age old Lacrosse Patents topic because two different patentable products are about to change, and the impact on the game could be pretty notable… In fact, we’re already seeing some pretty big changes!

“Flip” Trailer – Gary Gait Run In

Flip naumburg lacrosse

There were a ton of great moments caught on film for the “Flip” movie we worked on with Epoch Lacrosse that didn’t quite make the final cut. One of those moments was when Flip and his CSU team saw Gary Gait in the airport randomly, and Gait came over to say hi to Flip. His players were a little shocked, and probably pretty impressed!

Tweet of the Week: The Best Man I’ve Ever Met

Tweet of the Week

Last week we debuted Flip, a documentary about Flip Naumburg. Who is Flip Naumburg? Oh, only the visionary behind offset heads, the architect of the MCLA dynasty that is Colorado State, and the founder of Rock-It-Pocket. A recent CSU grad, Patrick Sullivan, responded to my tweet about the film with these words about Flip.

Epoch Releases Their New Hawk Head

Epoch lacrosse hawk head

Epoch Lacrosse has released five generations of lacrosse shafts and today they release their first ever lacrosse head in The Hawk. Epoch developed this head in conjunction with Flip Naumburg of Vail, CSU, Rock-it-Pocket, and offset head technology fame. The head is something truly different, and I have been fortunate enough to play with a couple of recent prototypes.