Dodging and Physical Preparation

Flow Tips: Physical dodging with Connor Martin

Editor’s Note: We’ve been asking Connor Martin questions about his new lacrosse training tip videos and he’s been responding in his own special vernacular. There’s no shortage of lacrosse knowledge being shared here, and this week we want to know how ConBroChill prepared for the MLL and what it takes to dodge! [mks_separator style=”solid” height=”4″] Physical Dodging […]

Connor Martin Brought The Lacrosse Flow To Harlem

Ismael Cisse FDA Lacrosse HLL lax Harlem NYC

Connor Martin and Flow Society made their way up to Frederick Douglass Academy in Harlem (New York City) and the ensuing lacrosse action was fantastic! Grow The Game, ConBroChill! Grow The Game, FDA & HLL Lax Crew!