How David ‘Bezh’ Butler Became a Figure in Great Lakes Lacrosse

David 'Bezh' Butler has become a household name in Great Lakes lacrosse for his stick making after taking up the sport a decade ago.

David Bezhigaabaw Butler (Bezh) is one of the best Ojibwe stick makers out there. His ability to create a quality stick is widely known, and he has become one of the go-to stick makers of Great Lakes style lacrosse. Great Lakes lacrosse has seen a renaissance over the last decade. The game had gone largely […]

Treasures of eBay: Ojibwe Lacrosse Sticks

Treasures of eBay

We scour the nether regions of eBay for the coolest lacrosse gear so you don’t have to. Welcome to the Treasures of eBay! First up: an entire set of 12 Ojibwe Native American lacrosse sticks.