Germany Lacrosse: A Community Reinvents Itself

Germany lacrosse

The 2028 Olympics are casting their shadow ahead. An association is facing change and transforming itself. Denise Grunert and Matthias Lehna explain what’s happening with Germany Lacrosse, DLaxV, and the future the organization is aiming to build with the community. Germany Lacrosse: A Community Reinvents Itself Every community faces change at some point, especially when […]

Five Countries to Watch for LA 2028

lacrosse countries LA 2028

From the global perspective of lacrosse, there are traditional powers, those on the cusp, and then there’s everybody else. As we look at the new Sixes format, along with the growth of box lacrosse, and even the growth of traditional 10v10 field, we see that certain countries are closing the gap faster than others. So […]

I Watched Sixes Lacrosse and This Is What I Thought

Sixes lacrosse

Sixes lacrosse has been a polarizing subject in the lacrosse world. Some are excited the game is finally getting recognition from the International Olympic Committee, while others aren’t thrilled with the new adaptation. Regardless of your opinion, one thing that most can agree on is that there haven’t been many ways to watch the new […]

Lacrosse Canada Has a Rich History

Lacrosse Canada

As we continue to shine a light on countries working diligently to grow the game, we now take a deeper look into lacrosse in Canada with Taylor Retter. Retter is a marketing assistant at Lacrosse Canada and has spent years in the journalism and communications fields. She was hired in June to assist in developing the […]

IOC Awards World Lacrosse with Full Recognition

World Lacrosse full recognition

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, USA — World Lacrosse took an historic step forward in its continued growth and development today, as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Membership voted to grant Full Recognition to the international federation for lacrosse. The vote took place during the 138th IOC Session in Tokyo ahead of the upcoming Olympic Games. For […]

Belgium Lacrosse Eyes Popularity Double by 2031

Belgium Lacrosse international spotlight

As we continue to shine a light on countries working diligently to grow the game, we now take a deeper look into lacrosse in Belgium. Below is our conversation with Marco Daniele of the Belgium Lacrosse Federation. Lacrosse has been growing slowly but steadily in Belgium since 2009. There are now roughly a dozen clubs around […]

IOC Endorses World Lacrosse Full Recognition

IOC World Lacrosse

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) endorsed full recognition of World Lacrosse for men’s and women’s lacrosse, an important step forward in the sport’s journey to becoming included in the Olympics. There is no timeline for when a vote to determine if World Lacrosse will be granted full recognition will happen, though it could come as […]

Scott Burnam is more than a lacrosse player

Scott Burnam

This week Ryan and Nick sat down with Cornell ’91, 5x Iroquois National Player and 2x coach, and Japanese Movie Star Scott Burnam. SCOTT BURNAM IS MORE THAN A LACROSSE PLAYER The movie Star So in the early 2000’s, Scott, an accomplished field lacrosse player somehow found his way on a plan to shoot a […]

Olympic Committee Executive Board Recommends Lacrosse

IOC Executive Board Recommends Granting Full Recognition to World Lacrosse

World Lacrosse took another major step  forward in its continued growth and development today, as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board approved a recommendation from the IOC Sports Department to grant Full Recognition to the international federation for men’s and women’s lacrosse.  One final step remains in the process in order for World Lacrosse to gain Full  […]

Why Sixes Makes Dollars & Sense

World Lacrosse Sixes Dollars and Sense

On Tuesday, the World Lacrosse organization announced the new “Olympic” format for lacrosse known as World Lacrosse Sixes. What is Sixes? First, watch the video clip below as it does a good job outlining what Sixes is. In a nutshell, Sixes is World Lacrosse’s vision for a successful Olympic future. Here are a few of […]

6v6 Lacrosse – Five Takeaways From the New Format

Hong Kong Poland Katie Conwell 2018 FIL World Lacrosse Championships world games ioc

This past week, World Lacrosse approved the rules for the new 6v6 lacrosse format that will be used for international play, specifically as a pitch for the 2028 Olympic Games. There are a lot of changes made to the game for this one, including a smaller field, smaller rosters, no longsticks, and a massive decrease […]

Lacrosse Without the Iroquois Nationals is No World Celebration

Iroquois passports Haudenosaunee The World Games 2022 Iroquois Nationals

The Iroquois Nationals learned of their exclusion from The World Games 2022 in Birmingham, Alabama, in the fall. One of the countries that was invited noticed the Iroquois Nationals weren’t on the list of competitors and were confused. It reached out to the Haudenosaunee, inadvertently breaking the news to the odd-nation-out, said Executive Director Leo […]