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tanner guarino outside the eight women's lacrosse podcast
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Tanner Guarino— Outside the Eight: Women’s Lacrosse Podcast, Ep. 8

Hello! Welcome to EPISODE 8 of Lacrosse All Stars’ podcast — Outside the Eight. This podcast focuses on women’s lacrosse while sharing stories and experiences of current and former players and coaches. Outside the Eight will grow the game, help others know the game and share stories that go beyond the field.

Tanner Guarino — Outside the Eight: Women’s Lacrosse Podcast

We have made it to Episode 8 of Outside the Eight! I don’t know about you, but it feels like an accomplishment. Thank YOU for listening. Since we have made it this far, please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think. Email me at or send me a note on Twitter @cmbrunelle.

This week we have the fierce Tanner Guarino. We had the chance to sit down with Tanner during a recent trip to Boston. She has a lot to share about her lacrosse experience, her successes at UMass, building her club program Gold Star Lacrosse, and playing in the inaugural season of the WPLL with the New England Command. I peppered Tanner with all sorts of questions and she was a good sport answering them all. I appreciated her making the trek to make this episode happen, and look forward to the next time we can connect!

Here are some highlights from the episode:
1. Tanner and I discuss how we found lacrosse after focusing on basketball during her youth.
2. We talk about her experience at UMass, as she played in every single game of her college career.
3. Tanner and her sister-in-law Kristen Igoe have played together for many years and are now developing their own club in Massachusetts, Gold Star Lacrosse.
4. We talk about the benefits of playing multiple sports and how specialization is happening at a much younger age.
5. Tanner explains her experience with the WPLL and what it means to her to still be playing.
6. We gush over our love for our niece/nephews and what we want to see for the sport as they get older.
7. Tanner gives her two cents about playing with mesh and the rules changes and how she wants to see lacrosse evolve.
8. Finally, along with the fact check I end this podcast with highlighting recent lacrosse related news including thoughts on the PLL, the Fall WPLL Draft, KO17, and all the other great podcasts available through LAS.

That’s it folks! If you haven’t be sure to listen to the seven other available episodes on Soundcloud. Available on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Podbean, and Pocketcast too under Lacrosse Podcasts by Lacrosse All Stars. Please feel free to RATE, REVIEW, and SUBSCRIBE! 

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See you again next week!