Team USA Made It Look Too Easy in 1986
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Team USA Made It Look Too Easy in ’86

Think you could have played for Team USA in 1986? No offset heads, short shorts, questionable body checking and plenty of mud. We don’t think you had a chance, Jack! That team was dominant and they have an undefeated run through the 1986 World Championships to prove it.

Let’s set the scene. It’s the grand finale in Toronto at the 1986 ILF World Championship. Only four teams were competing in the week long event: England, Australia, Canada and the United States. Team USA was rolling over their opponents, while Canada staved off the other pair by three goals in each game.

Because who doesn’t want to watch more USA vs. Canada in lacrosse? Here’s the broadcast as seen from TSN in 1986.

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NEW Awesome Lacrosse Art

Our buddy Tony Becker blew us away with his prints tying lacrosse and nature back together. We loved them so much we had to get them out to the world. Six animals on posters, canvas, you name it! Check out the entire collection for yourself.

Tony Becker Art

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