UConn Lacrosse
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The 50 Year Storm: A UConn Lacrosse Documentary

The UConn Mens Lacrosse Team recently celebrated their 50th anniversary, bringing back generations of Huskies to Storrs, CT, for the festivities. Many alumni jumped at the opportunity of coming back to join their husky family in a reunion and an alumni game.

Collecting memories from over the last 50 years and reconnecting old teammates was a huge success.

The Rise and Fall of Varsity Lacrosse

Over the years, the UConn lacrosse team did not receive the respect they deserved.

When the program started, it was recognized as a varsity sport and just about ten years after the program started, the team was extended a bid to the United States Lacrosse Association playoffs. The school shut down the opportunity to go to the playoffs and the program took off in a downward spiral. The school classified the spring of 1982 the last season as a varsity sport.

UConn Lacrosse

This being said, the love for the game never dulled. Many student athletes rose up to the challenge and made it so the game of lacrosse would not leave the University of Connecticut.

The Men’s Club team was created in 1984 and was fully organized and funded by the students themselves. Showing their desire and strength to keep the team alive, the team of 1986 finished the season with an 11-1 record. From there, the club attempted to build a strong and respected program.

New Millennium, New Leaf

In 2002 when Dave Longo (Class of 2005) arrived for his first practice he was surprised by the lack of resources that were available and he considered the team as the “Bad News Bears.”

The club was barely keeping afloat and struggling to get gear and transportation so Dave took if upon himself to help make a change. By reaching out to the school and getting the team extra funding and even matching helmets and gloves the program was taking bounds and leaps.

UConn Lacrosse

In 2011 Paul Scordato stepped up as the new head coach and he was determined to bring the UConn Huskies to the top. Over the last 5 years, the Huskies have gone 35-18 under the direction of Scordato and are only looking up and plan on reaching the MCLA National Playoffs in the near future.

The 2015 team won the first ever PCLL conference championship in the schools history. The accomplishments made by the team over the years have shaped the Huskies lacrosse team into a phenomenal program.

Alumni feel the program will be a varsity sport within the next 10 years and once again will be competing at the highest level possible. With the talent they have now and the talent that keeps on rolling in, nothing can stop the Huskies.

I encourage you to take the time to watch The 50 Year Storm and to keep up with the UConn Lacrosse Huskies on social media by following their Facebook and Twitter pages.