the gait brothers
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The Gait Brothers Are The GOATS… For Real

Gait Lacrosse recently announced that they are BACK IN BUSINESS. The equipment company was founded by the Gait brothers — Gary and Paul — and we must say, it is a most joyous occasion to see the company back in the lacrosse world. We can hardly contain ourselves:


For those unfamiliar with the Gait brothers because they were before your time — which, by the way, is absolutely zero excuse to not know who they are — they were two of possibly the greatest lacrosse players to ever play the game.

Both Gary and Paul Gait played at Syracuse University from 1987-1990. Fun fact: the Gait brothers are twins, which is why they played during the exact same years. Gary and Paul won three national championships together and set numerous NCAA records, like the Syracuse career goals record and the record for most goals in an NCAA season (a record broken in 2008).

The Gait brothers were known for popularizing behind-the-back passes and their patented move known as the “Air Gate”, as seen below:

The “Air Gait”

Both Gary and Paul Gait have been stars at virtually every level of lacrosse, including the National Lacrosse League, Major League Lacrosse, the Western Lacrosse Association and the international stage playing for Team Canada.

Gary had a longer NLL career, but Paul was every bit his equal on the floor. Gary played for 17 years in the NLL as he won Rookie of the Year in 1991, and even won five-straight league MVP honors from from 1995-1999. Paul, however, would win an NLL MVP award himself in 2002 as he led the league in goals and points and was a three-time MVP of the Mann Cup in Canadian professional box lacrosse — sharing the MVP award with Gary in 1999. Paul finished his career in the NLL with a staggering 712 points in 13 seasons.

In 2005, both of the Gait brothers were inducted into the US Lacrosse National Hall of Fame. They were both also voted into the National Lacrosse League Hall of Fame in 2006.

Gary currently coaches at Syracuse University for the women’s team, and has also coached in the NLL for the Colorado Mammoth and in the MLL for the now-defunct Hamilton Nationals. Paul spent a few seasons coaching for the Rochester Knighthawks.

Now, the Gait brothers have brought back Gait Lacrosse, best known for creating exceptional products such as the Torque head — a head that has been especially popular in the indoor game.

Here’s a graphic that Gait Lacrosse released of the relaunch:

gait lacrosse

Take a look at a few of the Gait brothers highlights found below and behold their magnificence.

The Gait Brothers… Enough Said