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The Lax’s Weekly D2 Roundup: Conference Tournament Edition

Your weekly review of the MCLA’s Division 2 is taking a serious turn. It’s Conference Tourney time and the stakes are a trip to nationals. Who’s in and who’s out in the SELC and PNCLL? Plus some pics from the Tommie-Johnnie game.

This past weekend, we had the game of the year. Arguably the biggest rivalry game in the MCLA.

The Tommie-Johnnie game.

Check out more pics on the Tommie website here and here

Tommies win 9-7. Still undefeated.

From here on out, we won’t be covering individual games. It’s conference tournament time!

Just a reminder of what these teams are playing for

First up, the SELC tournament.

This Friday, the first round begins at Northview High School in Johns Creek, GA. I’ve been to Titan Stadium. Great facility for some lax.

First Round Match-ups

(6) Appalachian State vs (3) Tennessee Wesleyan

TWC just finished a 10-4 season, going 5-0 in the Central division. They played App 2 weeks ago pulling off a 18-17 OT victory. This will probably be the best game on Friday, regardless of division, except maybe the Florida-Florida State rematch. Prediction: TWC in another close battle.

(5) North Florida vs (4) Kennesaw State

Both teams are making their first appearance in the tourney. KSU has been on a roll lately, picking up a 13-3 record along the way.  Prediction: KSU takes this one much like the regular season matchup(15-5).


(3) Tennessee Wesleyan vs (1) Elon

Haven’t faced each other this season. Friday’s game will be a bit draining, both emotionally and physically, for the Bulldogs. Prediction: Elon makes their 3rd straight appearance in the SELC Championship, their second as a #1 seed, which is when they won.

(4) Kennesaw vs (2) SCAD

Kennesaw’s last loss came 3 weeks ago. To SCAD. By a score of 6-9. Friday’s win won’t take much effort, so they’ll still be relatively fresh. SCAD’s on a 12 game winning streak after opening the season 1-3. Prediction: I see KSU take a close win. Possibly OT.

Championship Game

(4) Kennesaw vs (1) Elon

For 3 years, it’s been a North-Central Championship game. That streak is continued. Each division has alternated Championships. Prediction: Elon picks up their second SELC title.

MCLA Tourney teams: Elon, Kennesaw State, Tennesee Wesleyan.

Next we’ll move to the LAS hometurf, PNCLL.

First Round

(3S) College of Idaho at (2N) Whitman

The two met up earlier in the season. Same place, too. Prediction: You’re gonna see the same result as well. Whitman wins.

(3N) Central Washington at (2S) Southern Oregon

Central Washington hasn’t impressed me. They’re in via a 5 goal win over a 1-11 team. Prediction: Southern Oregon. By a lot.

The PNCLL just has their first round this weekend. We’ll see them again next week.

Next up, we’ll head a bit to the south. Texas, to be more exact.
Home of the Lone Star Alliance.

Championship Game

(2) Centenary vs (1) Sam Houston State

The “Who can take Southwestern’s spot Invitational” is finally over with. Everyone’s pick has essentially run the table on the small conference. They have a formality of a game vs Stephen F Austin the day before the title game. Regardless of the result, they’re the #1 LSA team. By a lot. Prediction: SHSU dominates like they did in the regular season matchup(21-1).

MCLA Tourney team: Sam Houston State. Probably with the 16 seed, too.

That’s it for this week. We’ll have various All-Conference teams next week.

About the Author: The Lax picked up his first stick when he stepped on campus at MCLA D2 school UNC Charlotte. After taking a short break, he returned to the field for independent UNCG. The Lax enjoys flowers, pictures of unicorns, long walks on the beach, and above all else, beating people with his D-Pole.

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