The Lax’s Weekly D2 Roundup: Conference Tournament Edition


Second (and last) weekend of conference tournaments in the MCLA.

Quick Review Of Last Week…

SELC: Elon once again won the title. Kennesaw played a tough game. Both teams will make the tournament. Calling it.

More pictures here and here.

LSA: Sam Houston State ran away with a #16 seed.

PNCLL: Opening round games. Read more below.




Calvin vs. Hope
– Hope won their division. I don’t know too much about either team. Hope is 10-4. Calvin is 5-9. Gonna go Hope on this one.
Grove City vs. Davenport
– GCC has a few name wins. Davenport is just plain dirty. Davenport it is.

Hope vs. Dayton
– Hope doesnt really stand a chance.
Davenport vs. Grand Valley State
– GVSU won 11-8. Davenport gets revenge.

Davenport vs. Dayton
– Davenport makes it 2-0 vs the Flyers in 2010.

Denver Bound: Davenport, Dayton, GVSU.
On the Bubble: Grove City.  That’s right. I just said 4 CCLA teams could make it to Denver.


Missouri State vs. St. Louis – Again, I know very little about teams to the west. I do know Missouri State traveled and played a relatively decent schedule. Mo State.
Wheaton vs. Dordt – No reasoning. I just like the name Dordt.

Mo State vs. Creighton – Creighton has a 3-8 record according to No brainer. Mo State.
Dordt vs. Missouri Baptist – Mo Bap is 9-2 and has some great wins. Mo Bap.

State vs. Baptist – Toss up for me. Gonna go out on a limb. Mo Bap.

Denver-bound: Mo Bap.
On the Bubble: Mo State


I’m not gonna give any deets.

North Dakota State over Carleton. Eau Claire over Moorhead.

Johnnies over NDSU. Tommies over UWEC.

Tommies beat the Johnnies. Again. Staying undefeated for a chance to pull a Michigan.

Denver-bound: The usual. St. Thomas and St. Johns


Bridgewater vs. Central Connecticut – Bridgewater has 1 win. It stays that way.

CCSU vs. Briarcliffe – Briarcliffe is undefeated. See above.
Stonehill vs. WPI – Stonehill is a school with a name that made waves when they joined the MCLA. They havent made too much of a rumble. Stays that way in a snoozer.

WPI vs. Briarcliffe – This is Briarcliffe’s conference to lose.

Denver-bound: Briarcliffe gets the #15 seed.


Much like the LSA, they just play a title game, no playoffs.

UC Santa Cruz vs. St. Mary’s – I’m going Banana Slugs.

Denver-bound: UCSC, if the WCLL gets a bid, which I don’t think they do. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong and I’ll adjust accordingly.


Southern Oregon vs. Western Washington – WWU won 11-4 in the regular season.  Gonna happen again.
Whitman vs. Western Oregon – Whitman gets revenge from a regular season battle.

Whitman vs. WWU
– I’m gonna go WWU based off record.

Denver-bound: WWU. Maybe: Western Oregon.


Mines vs. UVU
– UVU is a dirty dirty team. Big win.
Fort Lewis vs. Montana State
– Fort Lewis continues the slide down the mountain.

UVU vs Northern Colorado
– Looks good on paper. UVU takes down the Bears.
Montana State vs. Westminster
– Westie. No question.

UVU vs. Westminster
– UVU lost a tight one in the regular season game. Not so this time around.

Denver-bound: UVU, Westminster


Concordia vs. Fullerton
– Fullerton. Not close.
Long Beach vs. Biola
– Biola gets a close one.

Fullerton vs Biola
– The Titans are going back to Denver with a big win.

Denver-bound: Fullerton. Bubble: Concordia.



Here’s my bracket for Denver. Don’t ask how or why. Just accept it as truth.

#1 St. Thomas (UMLL AQ) vs. #16 Sam Houston State (LSA AQ)

#8 Western Washington (PNCLL AQ) vs. #9 Elon (SELC AQ)

#5 Westminster (RMLC At-Large) vs. #12 Kennesaw State (SELC At-LArge)

#4 St. Johns (UMLL At- Large) vs. #13 Western Oregon (PNCLL At-Large)

#6 Utah Valley (RMLC AQ) vs. #11 Cal State Fullerton (SLC AQ)

#3 Dayton (CCLA At-Large) vs. #14 Missouri State (GRLC At-Large)

#7 Grand Valley State (CCLA At-Large) vs. #10 Missouri Baptist (GRLC AQ)

#2 Davenport (CCLA AQ) vs.#15 Briarcliffe (PCLL AQ)

By Conference:

3 – CCLA



0 – WCLL



Got a mock-up for shooting shirts for next season from Lacrossewear. Shoulders/arms are busy. Tramp stamp. Yuck.

And we FINALLY got in our sweats and a new shooting shirt. You know, after our season is over with. Perfect timing, if you ask me. If I knew the name of the company, I’d put you on blast.

I promise this isn’t me.

About the Author: The Lax picked up his first stick when he stepped on campus at MCLA D2 school UNC Charlotte. After taking a short break, he returned to the field for independent UNCG. The Lax enjoys flowers, pictures of unicorns, long walks on the beach, and above all else, beating people with his D-Pole.

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Hilsgen is a former MCLA D2 defender. After his playing career ended, he turned to the sidelines where he was briefly on staff at UNCG. Now, he's a nomadic lacrosse fan, looking for his next coaching and playing opportunity.


  1. the sweats are sweet. most people don't get different color pants than top, but it looks good. Unless you have white helmets, then it wouldn't.
    the shooting shirt sleeves for next year are pretty dope. the tramp stamp is not. When will people realize tramp stamps are for girls and silly dudes, but not sports uniforms. Someday maybe people will realize this… til then? we'll just have to rip on them non-stop.

  2. Local guy started with the gear, he literally quit on us halfway through, Great Atlantic picked up this set of gear. Quick turnaround, but that was the only good thing, design wasn't what we wanted, refused to do some of the designs we asked. Won't be dealing with them again next year.

    bright yellow shirts say Penetrate and Dominate on back, because thats classy.