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Down, Set, D1! The Rundown is Back – Week 1

It’s back! Polls are fun to do, but it only gives you a chance to really look into what 20 or so teams are really up to at any given point. The thing I love about doing The Rundown is it pulls in a ton of information around the country for the D1 men’s game. You’ll get an easy scoreboard for the week, see some of the top performances, and I’ll add in a few notes for things that stood out to me.

I also adjusted things a little bit to line up with the media poll for now. So technically Week 1 covers two weeks. I could have done last week as week zero, but I’m not an electrical engineer, so I don’t count zero.

Weirdos. Anyway, onto The Rundown!

The Rundown – Week 1



  • Vermont 12, Furman 6


  • Air Force 4, Duke 18
  • Lafayette 10, UNC 17
  • Lincoln Memorial 16, Hampton 9
  • Manhattan 7, Bryant 15
  • Marist 9, Bucknell 11
  • Vermont 11, Mercer 3
  • NJIT 8, Lehigh 13
  • Ohio State 13, Cleveland St. 6
  • Providence 11, BU 12
  • Robert Morris 7, Rutgers 11
  • Villanova 17, Penn State 16
Cleveland State Ohio State Tucker La belle 2018 The Rundown
Photo: Tucker La Belle for


  • Navy 7, Jacksonville 12


  • High Point 6, Duke 18


  • Robert Morris 15, Bellarmine 7


  • Syracuse 21, Binghamton 4
  • Ohio State 15, BU 9
  • Bucknell 14, Bryant 12
  • Cleveland State 5, Michigan 15
  • Colgate 18, Marist 12
  • Mt. St. Mary’s 12, Delaware 16
  • Denver 11, Air Force 5
  • Vermont 12, Fairfield 5
  • Holy Cross 6, Providence 9
  • Jacksonville 8, Duke 19
  • Loyola 12, UVA 13
  • Umass 6, Army 18
  • Lehigh 13, Mercer 8
  • Lafayette 10, NJIT 8
  • Navy 4, Maryland 10
  • Furman 14, UNC 15
  • Hobart 8, Penn State 15
  • Richmond 6, UMBC 9
  • Sacred Heart 11, Stony Brook 9
  • St. John’s 8, Rutgers 12
  • Towson 6, Hopkins 14
  • Manhattan 5, Wagner 11


  • Detroit Mercy 7, Notre Dame 10
  • Umass Lowell 13, Quinnipiac 12

The Stat Freaks

Freak of the Week

This one should be pretty obvious, but it has to be Justin Guterding. 3 games. 12 goals. 15 Assists. 27 Points! 20 Shots!

He’s just been ridiculous. Obviously he’ll slow down a little bit as the season goes on, but he is so far ahead of his 5.39 points per game from last year that it’s ridiculous. It will be interesting to see how different teams try to game plan around him for the rest of the season.Offense: The Cutoff here is a combined 7 goals and/or assists.

Justin Guterding – Duke: 3G, 7A, 5 Shots vs. Air Force
Justin Guterding – Duke: 5G, 3A, 7 Shots vs. High Point
Justin Guterding – Duke: 4G, 5A, 8 Shots vs. Jacksonville
Will Sands – Bucknell: 2G, 6A, 7 Shots vs. Marist
Will Sands – Bucknell: 3G, 5A, 3 Shots vs. Bryant
Ryan Keenan – Penn St.: 5G, 2A, 9 Shots vs. Villanova
Jimmy Perkins – Robert Morris: 2G, 6A, 4 Shots vs. Bellarmine
Brendan Bomberry – Syracuse: 5G, 2A, 7 Shots vs. Binghamton
Mike Hawkins – Colgate: 4G, 3A, 8 Shots vs. Marist
Will Hirschmann – Delaware: 4G, 3A, 8 Shots vs. Mt. St. Mary’s
Joe Robertson – Duke: 3G, 5A, 5 Shots vs. Jacksonville
Jonah Moore – Furman: 1G, 6A, 4 Shots vs. North Carolina
Bryan Costabile – Notre Dame: 5G, 2A, 9 Shots vs. Detroit Mercy

Defense:  For here, you need 8 GBs, CTs, and/or points

Ian Grey – Providence: 5GB, 3CT vs. Boston U.
Chase Levesque – Boston U.: 6GB, 3CT vs. Providence
TJ Comizio – Villanova: 9GB, 2CT vs. Penn St.
Greg Pelton – Duke: 8GB, CT vs. High Point
Dylan Gaines – Denver: 6GB, 2CT, 1G vs. Air Force
Warren Jeffrey – Vermont: 7GB, 1CT vs. Fairfield
Foster Huggins – Loyola Maryland: 5GB, 3CT vs. Virginia
Isaac Paparo – Massachusetts: 5GB, 3CT, 1G vs. Army West Point
Andrew Park – Wagner: 6GB, 4CT vs. Manhattan

Faceoffs: Greater than 70%, at least 10 attempts

Danny Varello – Syracuse: 15/17, 9 GB vs. Binghamton
Charles Kelly – North Carolina: 11/14, 6 GB vs. Furman
Hunter Forbes – Jacksonville: 19/22, 13 GB, 2A vs. Navy
Christian Feliziani – Ohio St.: 10/12, 3 GB vs. Cleveland St.
Conor Gaffney – Lehigh: 18/25, 12 GB vs. NJIT
Kenny Massa – Bryant: 19/24, 16 GB, 1G vs. Manhattan

Goalies:  Greater than 70%

Turner Uppgren – Duke: 4/5 Saves, 2GB vs. Air Force
Matt Sefcik – Wagner: 15/20 Saves, 3GB vs. Manhattan
Thomas Lingner – UMBC: 13/15 Saves, 1GB, 1CT vs. Richmond
Dan Morris – Maryland: 11/15 Saves, 1GB vs. Navy
Nick Washuta – Vermont: 13/17 Saves, 1GB vs. Fairfield
Matt Barrett – Villanova: 3/4 Saves vs. Penn St.
Matt Trowbridge- Michigan: 8/12 Saves vs. Cleveland St.
Nick Washuta – Vermont: 9/12 Saves, 2GB vs. Mercer

Random Notes

  • As good as Syracuse’s win was, that is hardly an indicator of what they do against Albany. Varello will not go 15/17 against TD Ierlan. I do love their new look offense with Brendan Bomberry running invert from attack. Their defense should also create some interesting matchups with Albany. I’m assuming Mellen will cover Fields who did a great job two years ago. But, Fields didn’t have Tehoka Nanticoke with him, either. This will be a game.
  • Jacksonville looked very impressive in their opening win over Navy, but did not match that execution against Duke. But still, they have the only win in the SoCon right now after Richmond’s loss to UMBC and Air Force has faced two tough games with Duke and Denver.
  • Villanova’s win over Penn State immediately made them a team to watch. They had fallen off the past few seasons, but they finally made the jump they had to. Penn State was a legitimate top 10 team to start the year. Beating them in State College is a true statement win.
  • I really liked both BU and Providence in their opener in Boston. It’s disappointing they both followed that game up with a bit of a letdown, but BU’s loss to Ohio State more so than Providence’s low scoring win over Holy Cross.
  • Hopkins over Towson was a true rout. Towson lost almost all of their scoring, but I still didn’t think they would give up 14 to Hopkins. That was a heck of a game from the Jays. They just need to keep that going since they were looking unbeatable right up until their horrible loss to Princeton last year.

Out of Conference Winning Percentage

This is just an interesting thing to watch as conferences battle for supremacy

Conference Record %
ACC 8-0 1.000
Big Ten 8-1 0.889
America East 5-2 0.714
Big East 3-2 0.600
Patriot 8-6 0.571
NEC 4-4 0.500
CAA 1-3 0.250
Independent 1-6 0.143
SoCon 1-10 0.091
MAAC 0-6 0.000
Ivy League 0-0 N/A