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The Sport Canada Is Famous For: Lacrosse Is No. 1 According To Family Feud

A recent contestant on Family Feud Canada has made the lacrosse world proud after his guess on the Canadian game show, guessing our great game as the sport Canada is famous for. Lacrosse is Canada’s official national summer sport and has apparently taken over hockey.

The Sport Canada Is Famous For

Wait, What Is Canada’s No. 1 Sport?

His selection of the sport of lacrosse was the top answer that could have been guessed, and lacrosse fans everywhere sensed that somewhere in Canada, the Creator’s Game has apparently just taken over hockey as the most popular Canadian national sport.

Of course, I realize that hockey is probably the bigger sport in terms of general popularity, but if a game show is telling me that lacrosse has surpassed it then it must be true.

This may be a future topic to bring up on a future episode of Lacrosse Classified… (catch up this week’s episode if you haven’t already!)

Video Proof