Throwback Thursday 1993 Delaware vs UPenn Lacrosse
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Throwback Thursday: 1993 Delaware at UPenn – Highlights and OT

Welcome back to another installment of Throwback Thursday. The year was 1993, we found out What is Love?, The X-Files hit our tubes, we got Dazed and Confused because Whoomp There It Is!

It was springtime and the Delaware Blue Hens were squaring off against the UPenn Quakers in a battle of short-shorts and non-offset heads!

Even though both teams have less than desirable records to start the game, this one brings the heat! Hint: We’re going to OT!

If you watch until the end, I hope you didn’t try to snag a can of Instant Hair Plus! I really hope it’s not a thing anymore.

Of course I don’t remember 1993, but I can still appreciate the tie-back helmets and eclectic pop culture that was the early 90’s. Back in ’93 Roy Simmons Jr. was still running the show at Cuse, and even topped UNC by one in the National Championship.

Although the Blue Hens didn’t make it to the big dance, they still won their conference championship! Pretty surprising since the video starts by announcing the Hens are 3-7 at this point in the season. Bob Shillinglaw was at the helm for Delaware and Tony DiMarzo was the go-to guy in blue!

True story, DiMarzo was a stud! The guy set just about every record the Blue Hens had before John Grant Jr. came through and crushed them, Curtis Dickson actually snapped the 47-game point streak in 2010. It makes sense that the offense was explosive, current Albany head coach Scott Marr was the Offensive Coordinator for the Hens back then!

The Quakers finished 5-9, tied for 5th in the Ivy, under the control of G.W. Mix. Since Tony Seaman left in 1990, UPenn hasn’t had a coach with a winning record until current skipper Mike Murphy took on the role.

Stay tuned for more great #ThrowbackThursday goodness! See ya again next week!