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Throwback Thursday: Boston Strong in Time of Tragedy

One of the best parts of being a Cannon in 2013 was the ability to interact with the so many in our community.

Last year, after the Marathon bombings, a lot of people in our city were in dyer need of financial and moral support.

Mike Stone, along with Tyrone Croom of CroArt Sports, worked with the Cannons’ front office to coordinate a special event with the team and our fans to raise money for The One Fund. We scrimmaged against an all-star squad of elite players from the area in front of an awesome crowd at Harvard Stadium. Tickets and t-shirts were sold to raise money for victims and their families.

As I remember, this was all thrown together fairly quickly, with a sense of urgency toward getting as much help to the victims as quickly as possible. Just as I was coaching the Marlborough High School team, many players were coaching clubs or school teams of their own.

We all reached out through our respective networks, posted and re-posted on social media. The outpouring of support was AWESOME!

The Cannons Boston Strong t-shirts were flying off the shelves and donations came in from the moment the effort was announced. Coach Duffy made a special speech prior to the game and I remember feeling goosebumps, feeling lucky and being extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Cannons, to know and play the game of lacrosse, for the people in my life.

The best part of the entire evening for me was the post game autograph session, connecting with young players and their parents, Cannons fans old and new. The camaraderie and love for all those around the game of lacrosse was expanding throughout the city of Boston to help those affected by a senseless act of terrorism. Alongside other pro sports organizations, and so many good people around the world, we were part of an effort with a strong message:

No matter what adversity or tragedy comes our way, we will always emerge Boston Strong.

Please continue to support The One Fund!