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Throwback Thursday: USA Vs Canada Box Lacrosse 1985

The year was 1985, and the Philadelphia Spectrum was playing host to the IBLA Exhibition Series between the US and Canada. This series pitted the best US box players against the best that Canada had to offer and the guys on both rosters served as a who’s who of lacrosse in the mid 80s. This event was also called the North American Cup, and was a very cool concept. It’s similar to the US vs Iroquois annual game (The Bowhunter Cup) that goes on now.

Was this game absolutely laden with star power? You bet it was! #12 for Canada is John Grant… SENIOR! Bruce Ogilvie, Jim Wasson, Kevin Alexander, and Sean Quinlan are a couple other guys you might know. The US was also pretty stacked up with talent. Bill Beroza, Jeff Goldberg, Bob Griebe, Jim and Mark D’arcangelo, Dave Huntley, John Tucker, and current US Lacrosse CEO Steve Stenersen (USA face off man) led the way for Team USA, amongst others.

The intros, national anthems, and starting line ups run through the 10:00 minute mark, and then the action really picks up!

Little known fact: Box lacrosse had been an Olympic demonstration sport the year before!

The US actually won this game (shocker, I know!) 19-17, and both teams treated the fans (and now YOU!) to an absolute show. Thanks to Lax School for putting up this fantastic Old School video!