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Tie Up Tuesday: Spawn of Pipo

Phil Pierce, known as Spawn of Pipo to all of his Instagram and YouTube followers, is a seasoned vet when it comes to stringing.

Phil is an Army vet and a Maryland native and has been stringing for a while, stringing for places like Lacrosse Unlimited and others.

Spawn of Pipo is one of Epoch’s experienced #382Crew members. He has a deep knowledge of stringing and a “do it yourself” method when it comes to learning how to string.

Spawn of Pipo recently reviewed The Hawk by Epoch. One of the first things Phil reviews in the video is the aesthetics of The Hawk. He breaks down how simple The Hawk is and that it has a very clean look and feel.

This leads into the face shape and stringing hole placement. Phil believes The Hawk has a great set up for 9-diamond top from his experience stringing it but also got some great pockets from a ten diamond as well. Phil does an amazing job of explaining Epoch’s Laid Back profile and lowered scoop, which keeps the ball tucked under the shooting strings when cradling and dodging.

Phil feels that the high pocket design allows for a pocket that gives you a very “crisp” release when strung up with a proper high pocket and also brings up that The Hawk is constructed with state-of-the-art materials by utilizing an industry first and proprietary composite injected polymer, providing not only optimal strength and durability but also maximum energy transfer for improved velocity.

The process that Epoch uses also allows for softer and stiffer heads, currently The Hawk is only made an IQ 5.

Spawn of Pipo does an amazing job with reviews and patterns. If you need inspiration or guidance for your next pocket then check out Spawn of Pipo on Instagram or on his YouTube channel.