Tips For Fall Ball - Kyle Harrison's Weekly Assist
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Tips For Fall Ball: High School To College Transition

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published October 17, 2016, but the advice remains as true in 2020 as it did when Kyle first stepped foot on campus at Hopkins. Pass this along to anyone you know heading off to their first year of college lacrosse.

In my latest Weekly Assist episode with UNINTERRUPTED, I shared a few tips for Fall Ball for those making the big transition from high school to college:

Tips For Fall Ball – Recap

Team lifts, team practices, team workouts… those will all be mandatory and expected. Everything else you do to improve your game outside of those times is on you. When it comes to managing your personal time, it’s important you find that rhythm that allows you to reach your full potential as a student athlete.

Here are a few things I encourage high school players to make part of your daily routine as you’re kicking off college:

  1. Stick work and shooting – Get your stick right everyday. At Hopkins I used to shoot early in the morning, so by the time practice rolled around I already had my stick dialed in and felt like I’d gotten my reps.
  2. Film study – For me, I always had my best film sessions right after class because I was coming away from class with that learning mindset and naturally applying it directly to my film work.
  3. Study hall / library time – Do it. Put the time in and take advantage of any structured study hall time that’s offered in your program. It may not always be easy to stay focused in college, but try with all your might. Putting quality time in will bring you satisfying results.

Now, everyone is different. The morning might not be the best time for you to shoot. So find the time that is right for you.

Whether it’s getting your stick right, understanding film, or studying, you’ve got to put in the work in order to reap the rewards. Do the best you can to get in your rhythm quickly and make the most of all your free time.