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Tips for Lacrosse Weekend Warriors

It can be overwhelming to plan for a lax weekend, especially without experience. That’s why we’ve put together these five important tips for lacrosse weekend warriors that will help you best prepare for what might come your way.

Whether you’re gearing up for the Nantucket Lacrosse Festival or Lake George National Invitational hosted by PrimeTime Lacrosse, a local tournament in your area, or anything in between, you’ll want these tips for your lacrosse weekend.

5 Tips for Lacrosse Weekend Warriors

1. Do Your Research

If you sign up for the wrong league, you might have a bad time. Looking for something serious and competitive? Maybe you want something more relaxed? I’m important to figure that out beforehand!

PrimeTime Shootout 2018

If you’re throwing haymakers in a men’s Sunday pick-up game, you will get some bad looks. If you’re goofing around too much in a serious club contest, you may not be invited back. Think about what you want to get out of your lacrosse weekend and find the right league for you.

2. Work on Your Flexibility

As you get older and have more real-world responsibilities, finding time to train and hit the gym like you used to can be hard. A very basic strength workout will help, but as you age, it becomes more and more about injury avoidance and prevention, and increased flexibility tends to help with that. Plus, you won’t be as sore on those dreaded Mondays back to work after your rigorous lacrosse weekend, and that’s a bonus.

3. Fix Your Stick Less

You were always tweaking your stick in college, but back then you were picking it up all the time and could make all the adjustments. But now is the time to just find something that is consistent and works, then leave it be. If it’s basic and functional, use it. If the last time you picked up your stick to play was last lacrosse weekend, a reconfigured pocket can be downright dangerous!

4. Be Kind to the Refs

Every single person officiating a club tournament or post-college league could be doing better things with their time. The important days of your career are over, so if you can’t be nice to the refs by now, maybe consider putting down the stick.

young lacrosse official US Lacrosse

Seriously, have fun and be an adult. Enjoy this game as long as you can. Treat the people who let you continue to play with respect. It’ll make your lacrosse weekend – and everyone else’s lacrosse weekend – much, much better.

5. Be Thankful

Due to family, work, injuries, and a host of other reasons, not everyone can be a lacrosse weekend warrior. Be grateful that you can still get to go out and mix it up on the weekends. Be a good person, and make the team or league you’re playing in a better experience for everyone. Even on a rainy or cold day, or in a league that’s “beneath you,” it’s a chance to run. And when you’re even older, you’ll wish you had taken advantage of every chance you got.

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No matter if you’re playing overseas, in a local league, at a PrimeTime Lacrosse event or in your backyard with buddies, appreciate every moment you’re afforded with a stick in your grasp.

If you’re interested in other guides like this one to help you get the most out of your lacrosse weekends and lax experiences, you can learn more important information with our tips for running adult lacrosse teams, how to start a box team, and more!