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Tom Schreiber
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Tom Schreiber – Archers LC / Toronto Rock

Current Toronto Rock and Archers LC lacrosse player Tom Schreiber joins us today for a deep dive into:

-Being one of the best lax players in the world

-Playing professional lacrosse full time and what that means

-Attending St. Anthony’s and how that prepared him for Princeton

-Why he chose Princeton and his relationship with coach Bates

His players academy course and online training in general

-Who Tom is off the field and his thoughts on Long Island Deli spots

Our conversation with Tom Schreiber left us with a much deeper understanding on the commitment today’s pro players are making to push the game forward. Tom is the perfect example of how professional players are pushing together to make the game better.

Last Week

We had Anish Shroff on the show. His voice is immediately recognizable to anyone who has watched championship weekend over the past decade or so, but that’s not what defines him. Anish Shroff is much more than a broadcaster: he’s a father, a friend, a husband, and a proud Syracuse grad. Based on his story, it’s completely reasonable to say he didn’t choose lacrosse, lacrosse chose him.

Our conversation with Anish was insightful, educational, and just an overall treat. Lacrosse fans can rest easy knowing that he, among others (Paul Carcaterra and Quint Kessenich), are the voices of lacrosse.

Our Guest

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