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Top 10 Lacrosse Summer Highlights 2021
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Top 10 Lacrosse Summer Highlights 2021

Labor Day has come and gone, so that means another summer in the history books. Lacrosse was on fire during Summer 2021, with tons of incredible moments and highlights that Eric Bowden was lucky enough to experience and record through his camera lens.

Eric combed through his video vault and uncovered the top 10 highlights of the 2021 lacrosse summer, then unveiled them, 10 through 1, on the Lax All Stars Instagram beginning the day after Labor Day and the unofficial end to the season. On Monday, the countdown concluded, and the No. 1 play of the summer was declared.

We have collected up all 10 of these gems and put them in one place for you to enjoy. From absolute snipes to insane takeaways to jaw-dropping dodges and everything in between, Eric caught it all these last few months. So sit back, relax, and witness some of the best lacrosse plays from the summer on the day that officially marks the start of the 2021 fall season.

Top 10 Lacrosse Summer Highlights 2021

No. 10: Absolutely Nothing Will Stop HIm

No. 9: Terrific Transition

No. 8: The Casual Corner Snipe

No. 7: Going Coast-to-Coast

No. 6: No Thank You

No. 5: The Slip n’ Score

No. 4: Clearance Denied

No. 3: The Diving Backhand

No. 2: And-1, anybody?

No. 1: The Long Pole Goal

So, that was the summer of 2021, but you know well and good there is plenty of lacrosse to come on the horizon. From fall ball, box, the traditional spring season and more, tons of lax is on the docket. High school and college teams are beginning to form for their spring campaigns in 2022. The leaves are starting to change. Autumn is officially in the air.

The cycle continues!