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Top10 Lacrosse Videos of All Time

Top 10 Lacrosse Videos of All Time

The top 10 lacrosse videos of all time. Someone new may be taking over the number one spot soon.

Since the release of the new lacrosse(-ish) music video, “Heart Attack”, was so big we decided to check out the Top 10 lacrosse videos of all time, based on their view count. So let’s begin:

Top 10 Lacrosse Videos of All Time

1. AOA – “Heart Attack”: (6,285,516 views as of: 7/8 1:30PM)

Coming in at the top of the list is the the Korean Pop (K-Pop) group, Ace of Angels (AOA), along with the Korean National Lacrosse Team. AOA created a music video that is being talked about from Asia to North America!

It’s only been on the internet for four days and easily took over the number one spot. If you haven’t already, watch this video and check out my thoughts from earlier this week.

The song may not be about lacrosse, but the video weirdly is!

2. Lacrosse Trick Shots Dude Perfect x Paul Rabil: (3,568,440 views as of: 7/8 1:30PM)

New to the list and definitely making head way fast is Dude Perfect’s first attempt at creating a lacrosse trick shot video, and they did good. Definitely check it out. With the help of Paul Rabil they do some pretty crazy shots and passes that I may have never thought of.

3. The Ultimate Lax Bro: (2,564,105 views as of: 7/8 1:30PM)

Our third video is none other than The Ultimate Lax Bro. This video is a classic. I come back to Brantford Winstonworth every few months and it gets me every time.

If you haven’t seen this, don’t move on down the list until you have! Prepare yourself to pickup some great one-liners, to be used away from the coaches’ ears.

4. Miracle Shot Amazing Lacrosse Goal: (2,314,751 views as of: 7/8 1:30PM)

The 4rd most viewed lacrosse video is this perfectly thrown 80 yard goal. The defenseman notices the other team was in a 10-man ride and decided to go for the gold with a huge Gilman instead of making the easy pass to his goalie; he takes the shot.

Watch for results…

5. Intermediate “A” Bench-Clearing Brawl: (1,271,035 views as of: 7/8 1:30PM)

The next video is a bench clearing brawl between two Intermediate A Box Lacrosse Programs in British Columbia, Canada. The Coquitlam Adanacs and Nanaimo Timbermen were the two parties involved and although fights are thought to be normal in box lacrosse, this altercation definitely wasn’t supposed to have gotten out of hand like it did.

When players fight during a game, it’s supposed to be a one-on-one match between two guys, until one goes to the ground or bows out. You can assume by the litter of equipment in the thumbnail, this wasn’t a clean situation.

I’m not surprised this video is popular. Sports fans get excited whenever there are fights, no matter what the competition. This video just happened to capture a major moment of minors getting out of control.

What do you think, is this exposure for lacrosse good exposure?

6. Lacrosse’s Biggest Hits: (1,046,217 views as of: 7/8 1:30PM)

This video is exactly what the title says, a compilation of great lacrosse hits.

This video is entertaining all the way until the very end.

7. Mike Powell Syracuse lacrosse highlights: (945,105 views as of: 7/8 1:30PM)

The next video is highlights of Mikey Powell absolutely destroying defenders and scoring unbelievable goals during his four years playing for the Syracuse Orange. With 943,241 this video comes in 7th place.

Any offensive player should definitely study this video because I’m sure there is something you can learn from this legend.

8.Zak Dorn Breaks Lacrosse World Record: (864,922 views as of: 7/8 1:30PM)

The 8th place video is Zack Dorn breaking the World Record for the fastest lacrosse shot by hitting 116 mph. What made the story even better is that Zack, supposedly a random fan, beat all of the MLL All-Stars at halftime of their own game.

Now Zack did beat all of the pros, but he isn’t just a normal fan. He has a great story (so read it) and it’s always awesome to watch him capture a World Record!

9. Lacrosse Hit Highlights: (852,922 views as of: 7/8 1:30PM)

Another compilation of lacrosse hits, something almost every fan enjoys!

10.Mikey Powell – Behind the Back Flip Shot: (830,542 views as of: 7/8 1:30PM)

Mikey Powell is so good that he is on the list twice. His athleticism is unreal and he puts it on display here.

He is definitely one of the best players to ever play the game.

From the title I was hoping for the shot to take place during the flip, but oh well! I guess we’ll have to see if anyone does that in the future.

11.Ultimate Lax Bro II: (842,268 views as of: 7/8 1:30PM)

I know this is only supposed to be a top 10 list but everyone needs another experience with Brantford Winstonworth.

Honorable Mention

Check out these other videos too that don’t quite have enough votes but are definitely worth watching.

1. Sickest Lacrosse Play Ever

2. Matt Gibson Lacrosse Stick Tricks

Our Most Viewed Video

This a is huge hit. Two guys are going at it for a ground ball and as they fight for it, one of them gets put down hard.

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If you think our list is wrong send us a link to the video that needs to be added and we’ll update the list.

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