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Top Dogs: Charlotte Hounds in the All Star Game

This year’s MLL All Star Game consisted of two teams: Team Supernova and Team Eclipse. Team Supernova won with a score of 24 to Eclipse’s 15. It was lopsided in the first two quarters with not much more than a glimmer of hope in sight for Eclipse. The Score was 13-7 going into half time and Supernova looked in control.

Photo Credit: Kim Black

In the third quarter Eclipse tied up the game, but would  be down by two by the end of the quarter. In the fourth Supernova blew up the scoreboard and put up nine goals, where Eclipse was held to two goals.Two of the Supernova’s goal’s in the fourth were power-play goals off of Steven Brooks and Ned Crotty penalties.

Supernova had two Hounds Brett Schmidt and Peet Poillon, whereas Eclipse had thee more dogs, Mike Sawyer, Ryan Young, and Ryan Flannnagan. All the Hounds had a great showing in the game.

Schmidt contributed 3 of 38 ground balls to Supernova. Poillon had two goals and two assist, he had 5 shots on goal and 3 off. On the other hand, for Team Eclipse Sawyer had 1 of 34 ground balls and 3 shots off goal. Young had a total of 1 goal, he had 1 shot off and 1 shot on goal. Lastly, Flannagan had 1 shot on and off goal, four ground balls and had won 1 of 3 attempted faceoffs. His one faceoff contributed to Eclipse’s 19 of 41 face-offs.

In the Team Draft Poillon was taken 12th and was the first Hound to go. Next was Schmidt taken 20th overall. After Schmidt, Young was taken at 25th overall. Sawyer was taken at 27th overall and lastly Flannagan went second to last in the draft.

During half time 3 competitions played out, the fastest shot, free style contest, and long distance competition. In the speed competition Mike Sawyer broke Mike Birney’s record of 113 mph by hitting 114 mph. Sawyer went on to win with the new record of 114 mph. In the free style competition no Hound has up for the running. In the long distance competition Flannagan finished in third with a score of 25 points.

In all, it was a good night for Charlotte!
Photo courtesy