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Top Pro Lacrosse Plays: Top Moments From June 21 Weekend

What a weekend it was in professional lacrosse. The PLL sold out Homewood Field, the MLL saw the Boston – New York rivalry renewed and the WPLL showcased some mind-boggling plays from intense competition. Speaking of face-melting gameplay, we’re bringing you the top pro lacrosse plays to highlight another fantastic week of professional lacrosse.

Top Pro Lacrosse Plays: June 21 Weekend

Chris Madalon – MLL

Atlanta Blaze goaltender Chris Madalon registered a 20-save performance in the Blaze’s 13-11 win over the Dallas Rattlers. Here are a couple of his best saves from the weekend:

Kylie Ohlmiller – WPLL

I mean, that’s just not even fair. Kylie Ohlmiller has proved she’s got some of the best stick skills in the business. That, combined with her field awareness and athleticism, make her a lethal scoring threat on the lacrosse field Let’s all just take a moment to pay our respects for the Command for being on the wrong end of that play.

Blaze Riorden – PLL

In what was a great weekend for goalkeepers, Blaze Riorden stood out among the others as the versatile and multi-talented lacrosse player tallied 21 stops while maintaining a 63% save percentage. Riorden has got to be one of the most likable guys, and is certainly one of the most fun to watch.

Scotty Rodgers Returns To Action – PLL

In what was a great moment, and possibly one of the best plays of the weekend, Scott Rodgers made his debut with the PLL Atlas after having spent the last month on the injured reserve and ten days in the hospital due to an infection in his pancreas and another condition caused by overtraining, according to the PLL’s video.

Rodgers has been an iconic fixture in the lacrosse community ever since his days at Notre Dame. On a personal note, we’re glad to see him back and getting some playing time again. Here’s to a long and healthy career for Big Rig.

Mark Cockerton – MLL

The Boston Cannons’ Mark Cockerton has been known to be a prolific scorer and had even won a championship with the now-defunct Ohio Machine. Cockerton proved why he’s so lethal on this play which you can see above. The MLL has some good scorers, and it’s fun to watch what these guys can do week-in and week-out.