Leadership Literature: Coaches’ Book Club

Coaches Book Club

Part of professional development as a leader and coach is working through the professional literature of leadership. That can take the form of a good, old-fashioned book, podcast, or web-based article. Here is my recent collection of resources: Leadership Literature: Coaches’ Book Club The Power of Team Captains We hear so much about culture and how […]

Lacrosse Doesn’t Have to End After the Final Whistle

lacrosse end

There is one question that has lingered in the back of my mind ever since I got on the bus ride home after my very last college lacrosse game. It was a bitter ending to my collegiate lacrosse career, one that you can see coming, yet there’s nothing you can do to prepare for the feelings you’ll have.  “What the hell do […]

Dogs, Like Lacrosse, Offer Tyson Bell Stress Relief

Dogs have always been part of Tyson Bell's life, and they help provide him with the same stress relief he finds in playing lacrosse.

Tyson Bell doesn’t know life without dogs. Both sides of his family have always had multiple, and ever since he was growing up, his family has at least two dogs at home. The family has also always adopted a sibling pair, giving their dogs a blood relative and matching breed as a partner. Those aren’t […]

How a 2 a.m. Lacrosse TV Re-Run Changed My Life

Katie Facciola

Lacrosse is a huge part of my identity. If you don’t know who I am, my name is Katie Facciola, but the lax world knows me as Foss. I gained popularity on Instagram about five years ago for my stringing and dyeing work I would post, and in 2019, I opened my very own store […]

New Balance Headlines My Personal Style Guide

If you see me in public, you’ll probably catch me in New Balance or Lululemon. I try to dress somewhat respectable. I’m not walking the streets in a suit and tie, but I don’t like going around in a ripped-up hoodie and jeans, either. I like to strike a happy medium, which means I often […]

Frank Menschner Cup Travelogue: Scootering Across Europe

Frank Menschner Cup

All roads lead to Rome, they say, but in the European box lacrosse community, they lead to Radotín, a small suburb of Prague with the most beautiful box lacrosse ring in Europe. Matthias Lehna and Gustav Weber, the authors and travelers in this story, set out for the Frank Menschner Cup in Radotín. With their […]

Who Is The Most Successful Lacrosse Coach Of All-Time?

who is the most successful lacrosse coach of all-time

A good lacrosse coach can have the single-biggest impact on a program’s success out of any of its pieces, in my opinion. So, who is the best of the best? Who is the most successful lacrosse coach of all-time? I’ve selected the five coaches who I feel have been the most successful over the years. […]

Alaska: The Last Frontier for Lacrosse in the U.S.


As we continue our mission to explore the field, we want to take a look at the lacrosse community in Anchorage, Alaska, more than 4,250 miles away from Powell’s office in Syracuse, New York. It might be hard to picture playing sports in a place many people might see as wild and untamed, but Alaskans […]

Isaiah Kicknosway Is the Man Behind the Anishinaabe Baagaadowewin

Isaiah Kicknosway is behind the Anishinaabe Baagaadowewin, the lax organization that represents Anishinaabe communities internationally.

There would be no Anishinaabe Baagaadowewin without Isaiah Kicknosway. The next World Junior Lacrosse Championship (WJLC) will be a historic tournament. There are eight teams representing eight different nations, but for the first time, two of those nations are Indigenous.  The Anishinaabe Baagaadowewin (Ah-nish-ih-nah-bay Bah-gah-ah-dow-way-win, which means Anishinaabe Lacrosse) will represent one of the largest […]

Defining Toughness In College Lacrosse

defining toughness in college lacrosse

Every once in a while, we’ll bring a post back from the dead that was as true then as it is today. This post about Toughness in Lacrosse fits the bill 100%. Red on to see what makes tough players great.

Fun Facts About My 5 Favorite Animals

Tyson Bell breaks down his top five favorite animals, complete with fun facts and some explanations for his off-the-wall choices.

Lots of people probably don’t know this about me, but animals are one of my greatest passions. I’ve always had dogs in my life, but it’s more than that. Going to the zoo is one of my favorite activities, and I even considered working there at a time. That didn’t end up coming to fruition, […]

Tyson Bell Music Playlist Is Hip Hop Heavy

The Tyson Bell Music Playlist is hip hop heavy, with 15 tracks of mostly hip hop songs spanning from Biggie Smalls to Pop Smoke.

Welcome to the Tyson Bell Music Playlist! It was tough, but I narrowed down my musical tastes down into just 15 songs. I have a pretty strong love for hip hop, and you will find that out pretty quick if you give my playlist a try. I like stuff from the past and present – […]