Leadership Literature: Coaches’ Book Club

Coaches Book Club

Part of professional development as a leader and coach is working through the professional literature of leadership. That can take the form of a good, old-fashioned book, podcast, or web-based article. Here is my recent collection of resources: Leadership Literature: Coaches’ Book Club The Power of Team Captains We hear so much about culture and how […]

Lacrosse Doesn’t Have to End After the Final Whistle

lacrosse end

There is one question that has lingered in the back of my mind ever since I got on the bus ride home after my very last college lacrosse game. It was a bitter ending to my collegiate lacrosse career, one that you can see coming, yet there’s nothing you can do to prepare for the feelings you’ll have.  “What the hell do […]

Thank You, Taryn Ohlmiller

Taryn & Kylie Ohlmiller

I’m not sure I’d be the player I am without my sister, Taryn Ohlmiller. When I went to my first lacrosse practice in third grade, Taryn was right alongside me. Together, we fell in love with lacrosse, and it became one of the strongest pieces of our connection. As kids, we could often be found […]

The Growth of Women’s Lacrosse Is Limitless

Kylie Ohlmiller women's lacrosse is limitless

When Taryn, my younger sister, and I would play in the backyard with our sticks as kids, we loved the limitless possibilities of the game. Lacrosse allowed us creativity in physical form, and the more we had our sticks in our hands, the more accustomed we would be to them, and thus the game would […]

Massachusetts Lacrosse Legend Stew Curran Continues Cancer Fight

Stew Curran

Stew Curran is a legend in Massachusetts lacrosse, with countless wins, multiple state titles, and an on-field resume that shows what a master of the Xs and Os he is. But those accomplishments on the field aren’t what most will remember him for – it’s who he is off the field that’s made such an […]

How the 2020 Lacrosse Season Changed My Perspective Forever

2020 lacrosse season

I see things differently now after the 2020 lacrosse season, or lack thereof. It was the start of the 2020 lacrosse season, my sophomore year. As a college lacrosse player, the fall and summer are for preparation and the spring is game time. It’s what you look forward to all year. From the chatter in […]

Play Lacrosse, Even When You Practice It

Play lacrosse

“The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” – Robert Burns “Coach, these guys don’t want to drill, they want to PLAY.”  – Wade Hoag Play Lacrosse, Even When You Practice It Wrapping ourselves up in our professional pursuit is our magic feather. If we feel like we have done everything possible […]

Coaching Lacrosse: 5 Crucial Tips for New Lacrosse Coaches

New lacrosse coaches

You took the opportunity to get into coaching lacrosse! You are excited, you are enthusiastic, you are ready for the challenge. But where should new lacrosse coaches start? The goals you set are high, and the expectations to be great each day like your old coach used to say keeps creeping into the back of your […]

The Art of Grit, Resilience, and Bouncing Back Stronger

Grit, Resilience, Bouncing Back Stronger

These motivational words not only look good on a wall, but they also hint at something much bigger. The idea that you can work your way through — or out of — any situation is a key aspect that pays dividends when life’s toughest moments hit. Angela Duckworth, a professor of psychology at the University […]

My MLL Internship Curved by COVID-19

MLL Sent Me Home First Day Of My Internship

Editor’s Note: Welcome MLL intern and Journalism major Katie McNulty to the platform. She has quite an interesting perspective on the 2020 MLL season, so it’s only fitting to let her tell her story. On July 16th, I got up at 5:30 a.m. ready to take on the day. I was so excited I couldn’t […]

Kris Alleyne: Making the Game Better Than I Found It

Kris Alleyne Photo: Anne Evans / MLL Major League Lacrosse

Editor’s Note: These words from Connecticut Hammerheads goaltender and Rutgers grad Kris Alleyne were originally published through Untold Athletes. Lacrosse All Stars will be collaborating with Untold Athletes to amplify player voices and support athletes across the globe. Lacrosse has been everything to me since I started playing in the fourth grade. The game has […]

Chad Stowell, Marietta Need You to Hit Pipe to Beat Brain Tumor #48Strong

Chad Stowell, Marietta Need You to Hit Pipe to Beat Brain Tumor #48Strong

Editor’s Note: Welcome coach Shawn Runyon and the Marietta College men’s lacrosse program to LaxAllStars.com. We wish Coach Runyon and the Pioneers didn’t have to use our platform to share heart-breaking news about captain Chad Stowell, but we know great things are on the horizon because of this group’s effort. We will let Coach share […]