A letter from my brother Mikey Powell, written roughly ten years ago.
My graduation congratulations are probably not the first you’ve heard this day/week/month, but I do have some advice for you: hit rock bottom.
Dare you NOT to get pumped up from watching this mesmerizing piece featuring the Michigan Lacrosse team.
Although college lacrosse IS NOT for everyone, that doesn't mean you're not cut out for it! Try these Indicator Exercises to get your body up to speed!
How do you prepare yourself for playing college lacrosse? These athletes skyrocket in development once they get to school, but how do you get ready to go?
Some of us aren't yet aware that college Lacrosse IS NOT for everyone,but Sean Kelly is here to help you identify if it is for you!
Let me tell you about "Mindset: How You Can Fulfill Your Potential", by Carol Dweck, defining the Fixed mindset vs. the Growth mindset.
Former Johns Hopkins attacker Ana Henrich shares 5 lessons she learned from her lacrosse recruiting experience and minimizes headaches when picking schools.

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