Ranking the 2024 PLL Championship Series Uniforms

The 2024 PLL Championship Series is officially in the books. Over the past few months, the PLL has undergone a design overhaul, assigning cities to each team while updating individual team brandings and assets. Was this overhaul needed? Absolutely. Was the execution perfect? Far from it. However, I was excited to see these new team […]


The summer PLL schedule has been released. Notable for me is the choice of Minneapolis, Fairfield, and Louisville as three neutral venues. The set up in Minnesota is ideal as the airport, hotel and venue are perfect for logistics. I found downtown Minneapolis to be especially intriguing during the summer months with strong food options […]

Rising West: Justin Anderson’s Path to the PLL

Justin Anderson

In the heart of the dazzling city of Las Vegas, amidst the neon lights and endless entertainment options, a different kind of story unfolded—the journey of Justin Anderson, a 2x PLL All-Star whose roots in the sport took hold in this non-traditional lacrosse hotbed. From the growing landscape of lacrosse in Las Vegas to the […]

The Power of Humility

We anticipate encountering mammoth egos. The expectation is for arrogance and entitlement. What you actually end up getting is the complete opposite. The jerks, narcissists and bad apples have been weeded out on their way up the lacrosse food chain to the PLL. Like insufficient skill, or being too slow, being selfish or a ‘non-team […]

Lessons Learned : PLL 2023

The 2023 PLL season was filled with lessons learned, strategies and thoughts to take forward into the offseason and future years. We learned the importance of confidence, belief and trust (Cannons) in a league of similarly talented athletes/teams. With a few free agent additions, and a new coach (Brian Holman), without Lyle Thompson, the Cannons […]

Best Lacrosse Players Who Never Played MLL or PLL

best lacrosse players who never played in the MLL or PLL

With the PLL season finished and colleges knee deep in fall ball, we figured now is as good a time as any to dive into the vault and look at some legends of the game. While lax fans today are familiar with the Powells, the Gaits, Tom Schreiber, and Rob Pannell, there’s a large number […]

What City Will Each PLL Team Head To?

What seemed like an inevitability move became a reality today. Beginning in 2024, all eight PLL Teams will be assigned to home cities. The league will continue its touring model with weekends hosted by home teams. Those home teams will play a doubleheader for that weekend. This is massive news for the PLL, and based […]

Archers are PLL Champs

Nobody on the field. Nobody in the stands. You can feel it as the rain turns to mist and the warm breeze becomes cold. The Archers are PLL Champs. PLL Champs Lacrosse 2023 is done. The PLL summer is out of reach. Archers won the PLL title on an overcast and rainy Sunday in Subaru […]

2023 PLL Championship

The PLL Cash App Championship game will be played on Sunday September 24 in Philadelphia PA at Subaru Park live on ABC at 3pm. You can also watch the game on ESPN+. Chris Cotter, Ryan Boyle, Paul Carcaterra, Katie George and I will be on-site for ABC. Please join us. ARCHERS Let’s start with some […]

PLL Semifinal Sunday – Long Island

The PLL Semifinals take place at Hofstra on Sunday September 10. ESPN’s Chris Cotter, Ryan Boyle, Paul Carcaterra and Dana Boyle will be on Long Island with the television coverage. PLL Semifinal Sunday Archers (-1.5) vs Redwoods 3:00pm, ABC & ESPN+ Archers (8-2) scored 12.8 goals per game during the ten-week regular season, averaging a […]

PLL Quarterfinal Playoff Preview

The PLL playoffs commence in Boston this weekend as six of the remaining seven teams square off in round one at Gillette Stadium. PLL Quarterfinal Playoff Preview Chrome Eliminated Chrome have left the building. It was a summer of offensive dysfunction. Expect changes. Saturday’s loss was marred by a fight. Russ saw it live in […]

The MVP Case for Tom Schreiber

In the fast-paced world of Premier Lacrosse League the competition is fierce and the stakes are high as the race for the coveted Most Valuable Player (MVP) award is an annual showcase of exceptional athleticism and skill. Among the contenders this season, one name stands out like a beacon of excellence – Tom Schreiber. As […]