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Traditional Thursday: Cross-Gender Pocket

Traditional Thursday: Cross-Gender Pocket

I recently strung up a bunch of women’s sticks for some local girls in NYC and Ted Glynn. Instead of throwing out the center track, I recycled it and experimented with it in a men’s lacrosse head.

Traditional Thursday: Cross-Gender Pocket

It was like stringing up a pita pocket that already had the center track done. Except this center track was perfect in terms of tension and spacing because everything was already there.

For the outers, I used Stringer’s Shack synthetic leathers. The entire pocket is fully removable and water resistant. I’ve re-used the synthetic leathers in and out of several pockets since the summer, which is awesome!

In theory, the materials and number of diamonds in this pocket should make for a very smooth release. Also, because the number of diamonds, it should take forever to break in.

Traditional Thursday: Cross-Gender Pocket

Though I’m not really sure if the pocket will ever really “break in,” this stuff really doesn’t stretch much.

The rubber center track  does grip the ball extremely well. I also found that this pocket is extremely slippery when it comes to using a greaser but otherwise grips the ball extremely well when using a brand new ball.

Traditional Thursday: Cross-Gender Pocket

Ultimately, I find that this is a GREAT way to practice stringing traditional. The center track offers an evenly spaced guide all the way down the head. This will really allow newer stringers to really understand spacing and tension.

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