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Traditional Thursday: Pita In A Woodie

Welcome back to another Traditional Thursday. Today I restring a Bacharach Rasin vintage wooden lacrosse stick. Big thanks to Joe Nocella of Brooklyn Lacrosse Club and 718 Cyclery for hooking it up!


When I first got this stick, I could tell that it hadn’t been used in a while. The leathers were crusty and the pocket was super flat. I knew that I wanted to put in a more modern pocket and use the last of my super fat min-lax leathers. I decided to go with a pita pocket because I’ve never seen one in this type of stick before. Do you really think people knew what they were doing when they strung one of these back in the day? Let’s see how a more structured pita pocket does in this vintage wood stick…

For a more “traditional” wooden stick refurb process, check out Connor’s post from today!

Also, the pocket is removable from top to bottom, the leathers aren’t connected to the stick at all! Figure it out.