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Traditional Thursday: Throne Leather Giveaway

Throne of String recently released their treated leathers to the public (Chris Tiernan had been hooking me up before), and it’s something you should be excited about if you love stringing traditional sticks. I swear up and down by their hand-treated leathers, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to love them too. Did I just endorse a product? Pretty much. The stuff is legit!


Since we want you guys to get in on the goodness, we’ve teamed up with Throne of String to give away an all black, murdered out Throne of String Leathers kit. It’s everything you’ll need to string your own stick of death, and it could be none more black.


All you have to do is post a photo of your current gamer in the comments section of this post (and it had better be a traditional stick!), and we will pick a winner based off of that. Maybe you have a stringing style we’ve never seen before… maybe your stick is caked with mud and on its last legs… maybe your leathers are almost worn out… WHO KNOWS?

We’ll pick our favorite leather pocket, for whatever reason, and that person will win a leather kit. Simple AND awesome, I know.

For now, check out the video from Throne on their new product, and Part 1 of their tutorial, which is up on YouTube.

I also noticed Throne has new ball stops… snazzy!