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Trilogy Lacrosse Vs Cancer: Pie Tin Shooting

Editor’s Note: Lacrosse Vs Cancer! Since today is national “white out cancer day”, the guys at Trilogy Lacrosse decided to do a little pie tin shootout, and raise some money, all while working on their game!

At Trilogy Lacrosse, we are lucky enough to pursue our passion, teach kids the sport we love, and make it our full-time job. However, as we often tell kids – lacrosse is just a game. While it can help prepare you for challenges you face in your “real life”, it still is not a life or death matter. So while I may be helping to shape the youth of America when it comes to split dodges and footwork, my fiancee Hannah Appelbaum is the real hero who is changing the World. 

Hannah works at an organization called the Cancer Research Institute, which is known as the Leader in Immunotherapy. They raise money that goes directly to fighting cancer using a revolutionary and an increasingly successful class of treatments called immunotherapy.

So what happens when the Leader in Lacrosse Education meets the Leader in Immunotherapy? Lacrosse crushes cancer.

Lacrosse Vs Cancer Shootout

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Trilogy Lacrosse for having us out, and check out for more info on immunotherapy! It’s great to see guys from Major League Lacrosse coming out nice and early (we shot this video at 7am) to help support the Cancer Research Institute. Thanks to Chad, Ryan, and Mitch for competing, and thanks to Hannah Appelbaum for filling me in (and you!) on immunotherapy, and how it could help change and save lives.

Also, check out CW trying his hand at target shooting with a wooden lacrosse stick. It’s not that easy!