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Triple Top String in 8 Easy Steps

Today, I’m going to demonstrate in 8 easy steps what is essentially a Triple Top String or the S.O.P.G. (Spawn of Pipo Goalie) top string. I found this top string from a fairly well known stringer on Instagram, Spawn of Pipo.

He posted it a couple of months ago because it’s the top string he uses when stringing goalie heads. I thought I would give it a shot and see how I like it.

Well, I’m not a goalie, but I still use this technique in my gamers. It keeps the tension very nice and tight up top for a very consistent release that does not give out overtime. I’ve been using it for about 3 months now and I haven’t experienced any change at all.

In the pictures below, I am stringing the Triple Top String from the back of Super Power, so keep that in mind. I also have already done the first three top string holes and I will not include tying it off on either side.

Triple Top String Tutorial

Step 1


Feed the string through the back of the top string hole.

Step 2


Bring the string through the front of the corresponding mesh diamond.

Make sure to bring it through on the outside of the part of the string going into the back of the head.

Step 3


Go back through the same diamond of the mesh.

Step 4


Once again, come up through the front of the top string hole.

Step 5


Bring the string down through the loop you made in the previous step.

Remember to leave some slack, it will be important later! Up to this point we’ve been following the steps for a standard top string.

Step 6


Now send the string back through the same mesh diamond and top string hole!

Step 7


Go back down through the same loop.

Your string should appear to now be in the middle of the first two knots in the top string hole, heading down through the loop you’ve been creating.

Step 8


Feed the string all the way through the loop and pull tight.

You made need to slightly adjust the knot a bit to be able to feed all of the excess slack through. Remember you want the knot to be as tight as possible and with pretty solid tension in between each Triple Top String knot.

All Done!

It should look pretty much like the picture above if you followed all of the steps correctly.

Simply just continue this process throughout the rest of the top string holes. You should finish with a very strong, tight top string that looks good and performs even better.

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Love it or hate it, what do you think?!

Let us know if you try the Triple Top String for yourself and what you thought of it in the comments below.