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Tuesday Tie Up: Ryan Benesch

Editor’s Note: Welcome to our new weekly series, Tuesday Tie Up! Each week, we will have a different lacrosse pro or personality talking about how they string up their head, and each post is brought to you by Epoch Lacrosse. Some of the pros will be stringing the Hawk head, and others will be stringing up their head of choice with Epoch’s Otter Mesh. Either way, you get to see how the big guns string their heads. You’re sure to learn a thing or two, so pay attention! We’ll let Epoch take it from here…

Ryan “Beni” Benesch stops by Studio 22 to tie-up The Hawk. American players always seem to be curious on how Canadian players tie-up their heads.

The great Canadian players always make it seem like they have a huge bag that makes it almost impossible for the ball to come out.


Many Americans wonder, why else can Canadians do the things they do? Well much to our surprise Beni prefers to play with a very shallow pocket with almost no whip, or as he call it a Canadian Pocket.

Ryan was doing some work with East Coast Dyes at the time of the tie-up so we made sure we had a fresh slice of wax mesh waiting for him.

Ryan Benesch Tuesday Tie Up

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As a member of the Buffalo Bandits and formerly with the Minnesota Swarm, Ryan Benesch has become one of the most reputable players in the NLL.

He is the epitome of a scorer, he always seems to find the back of the net. Born and raised in Canada he understanding of box lacrosse and its history runs deep.


In just a few short minutes in talking with “Beni” and it is clear his appreciation and respect of the game is unrivaled. Be sure to follow Beni and his teammates this season as they make a run for the NLL tile.

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Team Epoch