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Tweet of the Week: No More Neon, Grippy Lacrosse Balls for MLL

Welcome back to Tweet of the Week. See an awesome picture of gear or a hilarious comment on Twitter? Let us know by tweeting at us @LaxAllStars with #TweetOfTheWeek send us a link to the tweet on our contribute page!

Major League Lacrosse has seemingly gone away from using the grippy, neon orange balls that they have used in the past. This caused quite a stir on Twitter, especially from Chesapeake Bayhawks’ head coach Dave Cottle. At first the rumor was that grippy balls picked up too much dirt or turf pellets, making them hard to see on TV. When the discussion turned to the color of the balls being the issue, the best tweet came in the form of Trevor Tierney appealing to Connor Martin.

It seems that a lot of players (shooters and keepers alike) and coaches are upset about the ball change. Could an awesome and crazy Con Bro Chill video get enough attention to change the MLL’s mind? Probably not…but wouldn’t it be sweet?