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Tweet of the Week: Super Bowl Storyline

Welcome back to Tweet of the Week. See an awesome picture of gear or a hilarious comment on Twitter? Let us know by tweeting at us @LaxAllStars with #TweetOfTheWeek or email us with a link to the tweet!

The entire sports world seemingly has zeroed in on one big storyline in the NFL. Richard Sherman’s interview, and the media fallout thereafter – which Connor examined yesterday – has intensified the Broncos offense versus Seahawks defense Super Bowl script. As lacrosse tough guy Tucker Durkin puts it…

Obviously there is more to any team sport than just one guy on each team. For casual fans, Peyton was probably the guy they look for on Denver. Now those same fans know Sherman, and in the end all we know is that we’re in for a great football game.

Too much football for you? Don’t worry, we havn’t forgotten that lacrosse season is right around the corner! Check out our NCAA and MCLA previews!